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Reddit Thread: Best Way to Level Weapons

Pre-weapon phase

• Before you even get your gun, you should be stacking your daily public event packages and not collecting them. This only works if you don't need shards/energy in that specific moment. If you have nothing to spend shards/energy on, DO NOT collect your public event package from the postmaster. If you do, collect only the amount until you get enough ascendence materials.

• Buy telemetries from Xur. He only sells 3 a week for different weapons types, and they cost 1 strange coins for 5 telemetries. You should stock up because you DONT know which type of weapon you will get yet. Again, don't buy a telemetry at the sake of buying a weapon, but these are good investments

Post Weapon

Now you have your weapon, congrats! Stack 5,000 xp bounties. Some people will argue that you should stack all 5,000 bounties. While that logically is the best way, if you need to wait another full day to get a bounty that will net you 5k, or you are bad at crucible and there are only tough 5,000 bounties, it's not always a hard rule. Get as many 5,000 bounties as you can do in the time frame your comfortable with.

When you've completed these bounties, you'll want to wait 1 day for the reset for a new set of Vanguard bounties. I say Vangaurd because the majority can be completed within 30 minutes, while crucible bounties are a bit more challenging.

** Now level your weapon in this order ** Make sure you have completed the nightfall

1. Pop your telemetry in tower
2. Turn in your 5,000 completed and pick up as many new ones you can complete in 30 minutes.
3. Collect your public event packages (as many as you have or need)
4. Do the new bounties and be sure to turn in before 30 minutes.

Daily missions do not count towards weapon XP, so to my knowledge, this is the BEST and most efficient way to level your weapon. Also, obviously using your gun while doing all of this will only contribute...but is difficult for weapons such as rocket launchers or Heavy machine guns.

The biggest benefit to leveling your guns is the Pre-Weapon phase. You know you will get a weapon you want sooner or later, and by collecting the daily packages and telemetries ahead of time, you will save time on the back end of actually leveling it.

Also important note: If you have multiple weapons or armor to level, EQUIP them! XP is not divided, so you will get the same benefit to every piece of gear you have on using this method.

Go to The Dark Beyond: Waking the Hive area for fast kills:
There is no better place to kill mobs/minute than there. Leave the Knight standing, kill the rest and wipe. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

They nerfed the drop rate of engrams, but the XP amount per kill is still there, and that's where you should go to use your telemetries (Pro Tip: make sure you've set your "we've woken the hive" checkpoint before using your telemetry).

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