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1Destiny: Raid Gear Empty Destiny: Raid Gear on Wed 22 Oct 2014, 9:03 am


Here is a list of Vault of Glass Raid Gear (Reddit Thread):


Titan - Brown Set
- Battlecage of Kabr, Obtained in Hard Mode
- Kabr's Brazen Grips
- Kabr's Wrath
- Kabr's Forceful Greaves

Hunter - Brown Set
- Prime Zealot Helm, Obtained in Hard Mode
- Prime Zealot Gloves
- Prime Zealot Cuirass
- Prime Zealot Greaves

Warlock - Brown Set
- Fa├žade of the Hezen Lords, Obtained in Hard Mode
- Gloves of the Hezen Lords
- Cuirass of the Hezen Lords
- Tread of the Hezen Lords

Titan - Blue Set (Currently Unavailable)
- Faceguard of Kabr
- Kabr's Defending Grasp
- Kabr's Might
- Kabr's Lifegiving Treads

Hunter - Blue Set (Currently Unavailable)
- Mantic Zealot Helm
- Mantic Zealot Gloves
- Mantic Zealot Cuirass
- Mantic Zealot Greaves

Warlock - Blue Set (Currently Unavailable)
- Cowl of the Hezen Lords
- Grips of the Hezen Lords
- Robe of the Hezen Lords
- Boots of the Hezen Lords


Legendary Primary:
- Atheon's Epilogue, Legendary Auto Rifle
- Vision of Confluence, Legendary Scout Rifle

Legendary Special:
- Praedyth's Revenge, Legendary Sniper Rifle
- Found Verdict, Legendary Shotgun

Legendary Heavy:
- Corrective Measure, Legendary Machine Gun
- Hezen Vengeance, Legendary Rocket Launcher

Exotic Primary:
- Hard Light, Exotic Auto Rifle
- Monte Carlo, Exotic Auto Rifle
- Suros Regime, Exotic Auto Rifle
- MIDA Multi-Tool, Exotic Scout Rifle
- Red Death, Exotic Pulse Rifle
- The Last Word, Exotic Hand Cannon
- Universal Remote, Exotic Shotgun

Exotic Special:
- Ice Breaker, Exotic Sniper Rifle
- Patience and Time, Exotic Sniper Rifle
- Plan C, Exotic Fusion Rifle

Exotic Heavy:
- Gjallarhorn, Exotic Rocket Launcher
- Thunderlord, Exotic Machine Gun
- Truth, Exotic Rocket Launcher

- Light of the Great Prism, Legendary Titan Badge
- Shattered Vault Cloak, Legendary Hunter Cloak
- Fragment of the Prime, Legendary Warlock Bond
- Chatterwhite, Legendary Armor Shader
- XV0 Timebreaker, Legendary Sparrow
- Glass Minuet, Legendary Ship

Obtained in Hard Mode:

Weapons (Hard Mode)
- Vex Mythoclast, Exotic Fusion Rifle
- Fatebringer, Legendary Hand Cannon
- Praedyth's Timepiece, Legendary Pulse Rifle
- Praetorian Foil, Legendary Fusion Rifle

Other (Hard Mode)
- Aspect of Glass, Legendary Ship

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