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Vendor Weapons:

Oryx not drop you any goodies like the big winged dick he is? Perhaps you just got done with a session of other guardians shooting YOU in the face in the crucible? Maybe you’re just looking for a good gun to grab and carry you for a bit? Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place, friendo. These suckers can be picked up for 150 marks, and some of them are pretty insane. So let’s get on it. First up:
Auto Rifles (ranked in order of increasing shittiness)
*Righteous VII – New Monarchy: Your first thought may be “Ew, a low impact, AR? What are you gonna suggest next? That I solo Oryx with NLB?” To that I say, no, but if you do that, please get some footage of it. I personally have always been more of someone who favors an AR with medium impact and rate of fire, so when I got a Suros weapon with this archetype, I was surprised that it seemed to just tear through everything. This puppy comes with Perfect Balance, Glass Half Full, and Rifled Barrel. The reload will be a bit slow, but you’ll be a walking god of death. Just make sure you pack spare bullets, ‘cause this thing eats them faster than Rahool eats your hopes and dreams (i.e. very fast).

Paleocontact JPK-43 – Dead Orbit: You read that right. Dead Orbit. You know? The guy who looks like a washed up drummer from a death metal band? The one who gives you creepy looks every time you walk by because he knows the only reason you talk to him is out of a desperate hope for his shaders? Yeah. Well, he also has a low impact AR. This one has Third Eye, Feather Mag, and Rangefinder. Feather mag claims to reduce the magazine size, but the arrow indicates it actually increases mag size. Haven’t gotten around to testing that, but I’m assuming it’s just a tooltip error. If it is, you can opt to increase range by quite a bit at the cost of some stability. If not though, you got a gun with great stability, reload, and magazine size. Plus you can keep track of everything around you. You’re still not getting that shader though.

The Dealbreaker – Crucible: Pretty decent archetype, and decent perks. Glass Half Full, Crowd Control, and Braced Frame(+Stability, -Mag)/Speed Reload. Nothing crazy but it’ll probably get the job done, and get it done pretty well. Plus it just looks nice.

Honorable Mentions:
Questing Beast (Vanguard) and Antipodal Hindsight (Crucible): I’m gonna admit it, the main reason I suggested these guns is because they look as sexy as Gilbert Gottfried reading 50 Shades of Grey sounds (hint, it’s pretty hot). Overall, both of these guns are a pretty good archetype. However, they got pretty sucky perk rolls. If you can get one of these as a drop with some actually good perks (I’d personally go for the Hindsight), you might have a pretty damn good weapon on your hands.
Now for weapons people actually care about! Enter Scouts.
*Hung Jury SR4 – Dead Orbit: Your good friends with the soul-piercing stares are back! And this time, they bring the Hung Jury. By the way, you want this gun. “No I don-“ Shut up. You want this gun. Great rate of fire and impact. Spectacular range, stability, and reload. A decent magazine size that can be made bigger, or stability that can be nearly maxed out. That not enough for you? Well it’s also got triple tap, so if you’re a good shot, you can just keep firing. Still not convinced? How about FUCKING FIREFLY (protip kiddos, this perk makes any scout rifle instantly amazing).

This gun is the metaphorical cake, that you can actually also eat. It’s like sex and bacon. It’s like finally decrypting that goddamn Zhalo Supercell you’ve been begging for (RNG pls). Bottom line, this gun is great, and if you don’t want it, you need to get your priorities in order. In fact, this gun is so great, I’m not even going to list the other scouts. Because that would lead you to believe you actually have a choice. This gun can beat up the other scouts’ dads. Blindfolded. And with both arms tied behind its back. And…Look, just get it already, okay?
Did I hear Pulse Rifles? No? Those were the voices in my head again? Alright, well here’s Pulse Rifles anyways.
*Apple of Discord – Vanguard: Yeah, this and the other guy are your only options. Not literally of course, but everything else just sort of sucks. Just like the Hung Jury SR4, this thing blows the others out of the water. Full Auto, Headseeker, and perks to increase stability. Plus its archetype is one that can kill someone in two – three bursts in the crucible. So yeah, get it. The only thing to worry about is it has a bit of a kick to it, but the stability perks should help with that.

The Villainy – FWC: And this here is the runner up. Rangefinder, Third Eye, perks for increased stability and range. May not be as fun as Full Auto, but to claim it's not a good gun because of that is almost criminal. If you don't like Apple of Discord in any way, this should most definitely be what you purchase instead. It's even got the same archetype for goodness sakes.

Honorable Mention:
Hawksaw – Crucible: I've had enough people basically cursing my name to know this fucker needs to be on the list. Perk rolls aren't great in my opinion, but apparently it's a pretty damn good pulse rifle for the crucible. If you get a good roll as a drop, you should probably check this thing out. Now, could somebody tell this angry mob at my door to please leave?
Hand Cannons are for skilled players!” cried the Hunter as he desperately clung to his Thorn. Thankfully, there's no Thorn 2.0 to be abused by that overpowered piece of...ahem, onto Hand Cannons!
Honestly, there’s not much to see here. All the hand cannons for sale have sort of sucky rolls and range that could be a lot better. The only exception as far as rolls is The Vanity (FWC) with Luck in the Chamber and Firefly, but its range still sucks. Also, I heard people say it freezes consoles when firefly activates. So do with that what you will. Really, though, I wouldn’t waste the marks. Just keep ranking up and hope you get one with good rolls eventually. I would suggest New Monarchy’s and the Vanguard’s Hand Cannons if you want to try that.


Hey! We’re at secondaries now. Let’s continue on the tradition of starting off with a weapon type no one cares about, and talk about Sidearms!
*Havoc Pigeon – Crucible: Admittedly, I am not the best person to be talking about sidearms. I barely use them, and I don’t really like them. That being said, this one looks to be pretty good. Crowd Control will help the damage if for some reason you’re charging into a group of enemies with this sucker out. Kills also give increased reload speed, since you’re probably gonna go through a majority of your magazine just killing one guy. Two buffs for getting a single kill. Sounds good to me. Again, pretty much all the other sidearms sort of suck.
Fusions are fun. Why not get some fun to yourself? You know, before inevitably getting shotgunned/sniped in the face of course.
Long Far Gone – Vanguard: Great charge rate, good impact, decent magazine size, and pretty good reload speed. Also Hip Fire and Rangfinder for really good range and accuracy. Overall, a pretty solid purchase. Plus it looks nice. So while you’re being shot in the face, your foes can at least admire your taste.

Honorable Mentions:
*The Vortex – FWC: Similar stat-wise to Long Far Gone, but its perks are arguably not as good. However, if you can get some good perk rolls on it, this thing could easily best Long Far Gone.

The Vacancy – FWC: This gun and Hitchhiker FR4 are both pretty similar as far as archetype goes. However, this gun charges a bit faster, and keeps the same range and whatnot. I'm not a fan of low charge rate fusions, but if you are, and can get a good stat roll for this sucker, this is definitely for you. Range is really damn good. Also stability. Stability is damn good as well.
Ahh Shotguns. The weapons that are OP no matter how much you nerf them. So long as they can still kill things, people will never be satisfied. May as well pick out the ones that will get the salt flowing the best in the meantime. Lucky for you, I’m here just for that.
*Patch-A – Dead Orbit: I’ll give you two guesses who’s back to show off another weapon. Oh, I already gave it away? Uh…moving on then. This thing, just like the Hung Jury, is pure sexiness. It looks sexy, it shoots sexy, and hell, I bet it probably tastes sexy. But I’m probably not going to be putting the barrel of a shotgun anywhere near my mouth to test that theory. Impact isn’t the best, but it’s still pretty good. Rate of fire is pretty up there. Range is sort of sucky, but has three different perks to solve that for you. Plus Crowd Control. I’ve honestly never been let down by Dead Orbit when it comes to shotguns so far. You can pretty much guarantee they’ll have a shotty that’ll blow your socks off, and blow a hole into where your enemy used to have a chest.

Burden of Proof XI – New Monarchy: Thing looks pretty nice. Damn good rate of fire, average impact, sucky range. Range can be increased at the cost of reload, and is increased even more, but only if you’re low health. Also can be fired in full auto, which is pretty cool. Overall, more for tearing through your enemies at a relatively close range rather than trying to shoot ‘em dead in a single shot from farther away.
You’re not a pro sniper until you can top leaderboards using just a NLB in crucible. GOML scrubs. For those of you having trouble getting to my mastery of that ugly duckling of a gun, here’s some actual Snipers.
Tao Hua Yuan – Crucible: Good luck pronouncing that one, fuckers. This is a pretty cool gun for PvP though. Grenadier for the grenade spammer in all of us. Explosive rounds or the ability to almost max its stability. Plus hidden hand for those of you who can’t hit the broadside of a barn, but would still like to get headshots. Impact’s a bit too low to be used in PvE though. But you know what isn’t?

*1000 Yard Stare – Vanguard: Oh baby. This gun. This is the nice happy medium between the old black hammer, and the new one. Want a new black hammer, but don’t want to give up your exotic slot for it? Also don’t want to bash your head through a fucking wall trying to get said exotic version? Well, here you go. Triple Tap, Mulligan, Perfect Balance, and a sight to give you even better stability and reload. This thing is pretty damn sexy. I would pick one up if I were you. Triple Tap isn’t as good as it could be if this gun had a 5 round mag instead of 4 rounds, but hey, free ammo is always nice.

Honorable Mention:
Extrasolar RR4 – Dead Orbit: Okay, look. I swear I’m not a Dead Orbit fanboy. I barely even have them ranked up, okay! The guns are just really good this time around. That’s all it is! Anyways, provided you don’t want to use the Tao Hua Yuan for PvP because you feel like you’re being racist just trying to pronounce its name, this is for you. Firefly makes people go boom on headshot. Praedyth’s Revenge was an absolute pain in the ass in crucible because of that perk and its fast fire rate. And oh hey, look! A sniper with a fast fire rate and firefly. What could possibly go wrong? If you misplaced your Praedyth’s Revenge in the City’s trash can already, or if you have not gotten it, and will not again, Dead Orbit’s got your back. It’s also got army of one (kills recharge grenades and melees) and perks to increase stability, range, and reload speed. So yeah. Pretty cool sniper.


Speaking of things going boom, you know what’s pretty damn good at making things go boom? That’s right! Machine Guns are up now.
*Ruin Wake – Crucible: I like this thing because it’s got a pretty high impact, and a pretty good rate of fire. It’s actually pretty damn similar to Jolder’s Hamer and whatnot. It’s got Hidden Hand to make crits easier to hit, and various perks for increasing stability, range, and all that. Plus, kills have a chance to regenerate health. Nothing crazy, but useful during heavy phases considering how insane those are.

Objection IV – New Monarchy: Similar archetype to the Ruin Wake. Counterbalance, Persistence, and again, various perks for making stability, range and whatnot better. Arguably, the perks aren’t as good as Ruin Wake’s, but it’s still a solid gun.

The Variable – FWC: This is one of those high rate of fire, lower impact MG’s. Still looks pretty solid though. Rangefinder, Perfect balance, and perks to make stability and range even better than those other perks do. A snail could probably cross the country faster than you’ll be able to reload this thing though. Worth.
[Insert joke about Rocket Launchers being good at firing fast, to follow up from the previous, shitty joke]. Really though, they’re Rocket Launchers. You fire them, and shit goes boom. Not much else to it. It’s not rocket science…wait.
The Smolder – Crucible: Tripod. Grenades and Horseshoes. Both really damn good perks to have on a rocket launcher. Though, the velocity and blast radius could definitely be better.

*The Vertigo – FWC: This sucker would have been THE rocket to get if it wasn’t the fact that you can’t hold more than 2 shells in the magazine. Great blast radius and velocity though, and velocity can be made even back. Grenades and Horseshoes again, but coupled with speed reload, which somewhat mitigates the lack of three shells. The Smolder may be in first, but it’s BARELY in first compared to this thing.

Choleric Dragon SRT-49 – Vanguard: On the opposite side of the fence, we have this guy with Tracking and Army of One. Doesn’t have three shells in a clip, but you can upgrade reload speed somewhat. Blast Radius is also basically maxed, though velocity suffers because of it. You can slightly upgrade it though.

That about covers it. Check some of these guns out, and let me know how you like them. I also am working on a second guide for the good looking weapons that you CAN'T buy at the tower. If this gets enough interest, I'll go ahead and finish up that guide and post it as well. With that said, happy hunting, Guardians!

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