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With a whole new (old) set of gear coming around, and the question "can X be rolled with INT/DIS/STR?" already cropping around time and again (every Xursday in particular), I figured I'd make a list of what armor can get what stats, as well as secondary perks, which I think may as well be called a guide to reforging exotics. All information is taken or directly inferred from the bungie Armory, and includes all gear listed at lv40/310 Light, regardless if it's actually currently in-game. EDIT: Note that everything not yet in game may be subject to changes until it's officially released (but at least for the gear that' coming tomorrow I doubt it will at this point).
Moved to the top because I'm feeling like people aren't reading all the way to the PS: Quite a while back (around the time of TDB) I made a series of (PvE) Subclass guides, here, and they were relatively well-received. I have some time on my hands right now, so I'm wondering if you guys would be interested in seeing a) guides for the new subclasses, and b) reworks of the old ones accomodating the new endgame and gear. Because if I get enough people asking for them I totally will do those.
Perk overwiev

  • Chest Armor: Chests are simple for the most part. They have two perk choices, the First Row of which is a pick between a random primary and secondary ammo capacity each. There is an exception in which some armors have perks simply titled Special Ammo and Heavy Ammo instead, which increase the amount of the respective ammunition dropped. Second Row will always be Burn Defense or Elemental Recovery and Subclass Armor, all of which will apply to one of the three Arc/Solar/Void elements. Burn Defense reduces damage from one damage type (possibly only when a Burn modifier is active; will need to figure this one out), Elemental Recovery grants a Recovery boost after taking splash damage from that element and Subclass Armor increases the Armor stat when using the a subclass of the respective element.

  • Gauntlets: In the first row Gauntlets offer a choice of Increased Melee speed/Increased Grenade throw distance, the exact names of which are dependent on the class (Switchblade/Snap Discharge/Rain Blows and Fastball/Energy Projection/Paramuscle Armature for Hunter/Warlock/Titan), or Momentum Transfer/Impact Induction. The former will grant melee energy on grenade hits, the latter grants grenade energy on melee hits. The Second Row will always be some Weapon Reload perk, usually random by weapon type (Primary/Secondary/Heavy) in whatever distribution, see the list for specifics (Note that this means a reload perk forone type of weapon of that category, not like the Y1 generic perks).

  • Helmets: Helmets have 2 secondary perks. First Row is a single of four options, all of which grant an effect when picking up an Orb of Light. Innervation (gain 10% grenade charge), Invigoration (gain 10% melee charge), Infusion (regain health), Better Already (start shield regeneration). "Second Row" has a pick of Inverse Shadow/Ashes to Assets/Hands On and Second Thoughts/Heavy Lifting. The former three grant additional super energy on PvE/grenade/melee kills respectively, and the latter two on PvE secondary/heavy weapon kills.

  • Boots Boots don't have that much variety. Their First Row will be an Element Double Down perk that grants an Agility boost for 5 seconds after a double kill with that element (both weapons and abilities). Their Second Row is a choice of a random Special/Heavy Ammo capacity each, though there is a single piece that instead has the same Special Ammo/Heavy Ammo perk as on a chestpiece.

  • Cloaks/Bonds/Marks Exotic Class Items are a thing as well. All have random split stats (no pure rolls) and a pick of a random Primary/Secondary+Heavy Focus each, increasing the upgrade rate of that specific weapon type. They are for all intents and purposes identical, so there's no need to bloat the table with them.

Stat rolls
Several exotics can have either "split" or "pure" rolls. Split means that two stats are present on the gear before upgrading any node, and in a similar magnitude, with the stat perks increasing either. Pure rolls have a single stat to a stronger degree, with one of the perk options increasing it even further and the other adding a second stat with a few points. Also gear can have one stat be mandatory, which means any roll will include it as either pure or split, or rule out one stat entirely. See the following table for maximum stat values on gear (the increase gained through perks is accurate for 310 legendary and exotic gear and will be higher or lower with the defense value):
[th]Slot[/th][th]Pure[/th][th]Split[/th][th]Gain from upgrade perks[/th]
Boots-71+21 *
* There are currently no exotic boots with a possible pure stat roll in the Armory, so the value is unknown. EDIT: As I don't have any 310 boots, the value for gain is according to /u/tehdaw from this list. (If you can fill in any of the blanks, feel free to tell them.)

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