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Farming Tips!

For those who are unaware, you should always use a ghost shell that gives you the location of the material you are farming and a sniper rifle. This combo will highlight the nodes across the entire zone by using your scope.

1. Look for empty zones. If you arrive in a zone and find that there are no guardians and no material spawns up, WAIT! This means that the zone has been empty and the materials will begin to spawn within 1-2 minutes. These are the best places to farm because you can generally get between 5-8 materials. Also, because they are spawning as you are gathering they tend to be very easy to find and farm quickly. 

The best zones that I found for this are Mothyards, Hellmouth and Buried City. These zones are the best for two reasons. First, they are large zones with a good number of material spawns. Second and more importantly, they are almost always empty. Some zones have spawn points for particular quests and strikes that result in them having guardians entering and exiting regularly (Forgotten Shore and Hollows for example). These zones tend to have material nodes that have already spawned when you enter and you will usually see other guardians farming here. The same goes for starting patrol zones.

2. Stick and Move. Speed is king when trying to complete this process quickly. If you spawn into a zone that has three nodes available, grab those three and move on. Don't wait around for more nodes to spawn.

3. Don't be afraid to reset. If I started a patrol on the Moon and found that there were three guardians running around Archers Line I would check the spawns, grab what I could, and restart the patrol. I almost always found that when I left a crowded instance and restarted my patrol, I would end up on an empty planet.

4. Take time to enjoy the game. Getting tired of farming? Stop and do a public or taken event. I found that even spending 2-3 minutes to do a Warsat or Taken Zealot could be very refreshing. Shooting monsters is fun.

5. If you find a good node, abuse it! You can open the same node multiple times by grabbing a material, leaving the zone and then coming back. A particular node at Anchor of Light on the Moon comes to mind. When I saw that this node was up, I knew that I could grab it and make it back from the Hellmouth 3-4 times before it would disappear. If you are paying attention, there are plenty of opportunities to grab a good node multiple times. Take advantage!

6. Remember the spawns. As you make your way around a planet multiple times, you will become familiar with where the common material spawns are located. By the third time around a planet I almost never used my sniper rifle to locate nodes. Instead, I would blast around a zone on my sparrow checking the spots where I knew they had spawned previously. This allowed me to avoid pulling out my sniper rifle after each node to check locations and definitely saved lots time.

7. Give yourself time limits. I would tell myself that I had 30 minutes or an hour to farm for materials and regardless of how many I found, when I ran out of time I would stop. This helped to break up the monotony and helped to speed up my farming. As the clock ran down, I almost always moved faster in an effort to get one more material before I ran out of time.

Good luck to all the guardians searching for that last node. Now the wait for Armsday begins!

TL;DR Look for empty zones, don't wait around, leave a crowded instance, stop and shoot the monsters, abuse good spawns, use your brains, and race against the clock.

Edit: For those wondering about completing the quest multiple times on the same character, see this post ( It is possible to complete the quest for all three swords on the same character. You can also skip parts of the quest (Crucible portion and Regicide mission) on your 2nd and 3rd swords.

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Video Version

Text Version
This is an in depth guide on the quests and steps that need to be completed in order to acquire an Exotic sword. Keep in mind that whatever Legendary sword you choose from Lord Shaxx is the element damage Exotic sword you will end up with, also you get to keep both the Legendary sword and the Exotic sword when you complete the quest line.

Acquire a Legendary Sword

1. Complete The Taken King story missions to Unlock the Dreadnaught Patrol Area.
2. Eris will give you A Broken Will quest, and have you talk to Lord Shaxx and he will give you a Reforging the Blade quest.
3. Collect 25 Hadium Flakes from opening chests on Dreadnaught Patrol, Motes of Light, and Planetary Materials. Hadium Flake, Wormspore, and Reciprocal Rune Farming Guide - Youtube
4. Go back to Shaxx and he will let you choose your Arc, Solar, or Void Legendary sword.
5. Infuse the sword to 280 damage or above.
6. Fully upgrade the sword and Lord Shaxx will give you the A Sword Reforged quest line.

A Sword Reforged

1 - Honing the Edge
Kill 50 Majors or 10 Ultras with the Sword (Ultras like Zydron at Eye of the Gate Lord on Venus count for 5 a piece) - I went to the Exclusion Zone mission on Mars in hard mode which spawns 9 yellow bar Majors, do this mission over and over till you get all the kills done.

Kill 25 Guardians with the Sword in the Crucible - My brother and I were both working on the same step of the sword quest so we loaded into a Rumble match and just killed each other till it was done. You don't need heavy ammo to kill with the sword, you can just equip it and get kills with just the hilt of the sword, but keep in mind it takes two hits to get a kill this way.

2 - Test your Blade
Speak to Lord Shaxx

3 - Blade of Night
Kill Ecthar the Sword of Oryx at the Asylum on Dreadnaught Patrol.

To get to him you have to go to The Founts area on the Dreadnaught and kill three Warden Knights that are guarding the door to The Asylum.

There is a special way in which they must be killed for the door to open. You have to kill all three of them in under 10 seconds, so first kill all the enemies in the room with the Warden Knights, then take each of the Warden Knights health down very low, but don’t kill them just yet. When all three of the Warden Knights health are low activate your super and kill them all as quick as possible. I’m talking within seconds of each other, after they are dead the door will unlock and open. If you fail to open the door, go back to orbit so the knights respawn and try again.

Once you open the door, proceed ahead and you will see Ecthar surrounded by a bunch of enemies. Kill all the enemies first to make the Ecthar fight easy on yourself. Use your sword to kill Ecthar, but be careful, if you take damage just jump up on one of the many pillars and let your health recharge and then go attack him again. In this step my brother and I were both on the Ecthar step so he helped me kill him and we both got credit for the kill. So your friends can help just in case.

Killing Ecthar Guide - Youtube

4 - Blade of Day
If your sword isn't already over 280 and upgraded, this step is sort of hidden, you need to fully upgrade your sword and then infuse it to 280 damage or above to unlock the exotic quest. IMPORTANT Reminder - When you infuse it over 280 another node shows up to be upgraded, make sure you check it and upgrade it. After you do this part 2 is unlocked.

A Sword Reforged Part 2 (Exotic Quests are Yellow)

1 - Essential Elements
Collect 10 special planetary materials. Depending on which sword you chose you must go to either Earth (arc sword), Mars (void sword), or Moon (solar sword) and collect spinmetal, relic iron, or helium filaments. You must actually go around and collect around 150 materials to get all 10 special materials. You can't buy them or get them from chests, so buckle up cause this will take probably around 2 hours of just straight old school year 1 planetary material farming. You can also Equip a Ghost that will help you detect certain materials.

500 PvE, or 100 PvP ability kills with your subclass that matches the element damage of the sword you chose. So if you are a Warlock and chose the Arc sword, count your blessings because you can use the Stormcaller subclass (Grenade, Melee, and Super count) and just cook everything in sight. I went to The Dark Beyond misson on the Moon and just farmed the part where the Hive all rush out the door, usually about 60 kills per super. Just don't kill the Knight that comes out the door, leave him alive and let him kill you after you fry everything and it will respawn you at the checkpoint right before the door opens. You will have to do this till you get approximately 500 kills.

2 - In Good Temper
Speak to Lord Shaxx

3 - Armsday Alloys
You must wait till the next Armsday (usually Wednesdays) to receive the next step.

4 - Take Up Arms
Speak to Lord Shaxx

5 - Sealing the Blade
A special level 42 Sunless Cell strike on the Dreadnaught will unlock in which you must defeat a Warden Knight and then Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, within 30 seconds to seal your Sol Edge. This was easier than I thought it was going to be, however there are some caveats.

When you get to the end of the strike with the Darkblade boss, there will be 3 warden knights as well running around trying to kill you. Depending on what sword you chose is the knight that must be killed and then immediately after killing that knight you must kill Darkblade within 30 seconds.

If you can find 2 other people working on the same sword this becomes pretty easy.

Strategy - If you are all working on the Arc sword you can kill the Fire and Void wardens ( you can tell by the color shield they have), then just keep running and jumping around till you get Darkblades health extremely low, get it as low as possible, I would say 5% health. Then kill the Arc knight and immediately kill Darkblade and if you did it correctly a quest completed will pop up on the right side of your screen.

6 - A Blade Reborn
Speak to Lord Shaxx and he will give you a brand new 310 Exotic Sword!

7 - Go Slay STUFF!!!

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How to Skip part of the quest:

1. Did all portions of the Void sword on my Hunter, waiting on Armsday for my exotic.

2. Grabbed my Solar and Arc from my alts and gave them to my Hunter. Both Solar and Arc were above 280 but the final bubble (Second Scabbard bubble) was not filled. Finished filling the final bubble the Arc sword, spoke to Shaxx and got the Exotic quest.

3. I was able to bypass the PvP portion of both my Solar and Arc swords last night, and actually able to farm up enough mats/kills to turn my Arc sword in for an Armsday order. So I'll be getting my Void and Arc swords Wednesday, the Solar will have to wait until next week

Note: I finished each sword individually before talking to Shaxx. Shax did not show as having a new quest for me after finishing each sword.

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