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1Destiny: Light Levels Explained Empty Destiny: Light Levels Explained on Mon 22 Sep 2014, 9:38 am


Once you get to Level 20, you need Light in your armor to get to a hight level.  It starts at 21 Light for Level 21 and then is 11 additional Light for each level after that:

Level 20: 0 Light
Level 21: 21 Light
Level 22: 32 Light
Level 23: 43 Light
Level 24: 54 Light
Level 25: 65 Light
Level 26: 76 Light
Level 27: 87 Light
Level 28: 98 Light
Level 29: 109 Light
Level 30: 120 Light

Rare Armor maxxes out at 15 Light.
Normal Legendary Armor maxxes out at 28 Light.
Exotic Armor maxxes out at 30 Light, but you can only have one equipped.
Raid Legendary Armor maxxes out at 30 Light.

To get to level 30, you can have the following setu-ups, fully maxxed out:
a) 1 Exotic/3 Raid Legendary Armor
b) 4 Raid Legendary Armor

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2Destiny: Light Levels Explained Empty Re: Destiny: Light Levels Explained on Mon 22 Sep 2014, 11:38 am


thanks for the info

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