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1 Destiny: The Story Explained (Spoilers) on Tue 07 Oct 2014, 9:37 am


Reddit Thread

I am going to try and set Destiny's story in some sort of cohesive order.

Before I begin, I want to make a few things clear:

1) The information provided comes from my 2 playthroughs of the Story, with the Grimoire Cards to fill in the blanks, and a small bit of imagination on my part.

2) I consider the Story to be structured very similarly to an Episodic TV Series(or a Mini-series, in this case), with each Planet being a "season", consisting of Primary Story, and Side Adventures. I am going to focus mostly on the Primary Story Missions (the ones with the Big Icon on the map, and cutscenes). The Side Adventures (the small icons, like the Sword of Crota) are what they are. just Side stuff.

3) I am going to assume that several things happen Offscreen, and I will label them as such.

with that said, here goes.

As the Story begins, the Ghost finds his Guardian, and leads him out of Fallen Territory. Together, they find a battered, but still functional jumpship, which they use to escape to The Last City, as a Cloaked Stranger watches from the shadows. Offscreen, as they make their way to The City, Ghost catches his Guardian up on what he's missed in the time he was dead. The Guardian meets various Tower Personnel. The Vanguard, The Gunsmith, the Shipwrights, etc. The Head Shipwright informs the Guardian that his Jumpship can be restored, but it is missing a NLS Jump Drive, and without one he'll be confined to Earth. And Unfortunately, the Tower doesn't have a spare one.

This leads The Guardian back into the Cosmodrome, to find a Jump Drive. Their first try is unsuccessful, as they find a downed jumpship, but it does not have one. However, they discover a restored communication hub that contains a map of the entire area. Using this, the Ghost is able to locate a NLS Drive, but the Guardian finds it in the hands of The Fallen. During their fight to claim the NLS Drive from The Fallen, the Guardian faces and defeats RIKSIS, DEVIL ARCHON, of the House of Devils. The Guardian brings the NLS Drive to the Shipwright to have it installed. While this is happening, The Guardian meets The Speaker, who is said to be the Voice of the Dead Traveler. The Speaker cryptically explains that the Traveler was Crippled, perhaps killed, by its ancient enemy, known only as "The Darkness." The Speaker reveals that The Darkness was only slowed, not defeated, and when it returns, Humanity won't have The Traveler to defend it. He charges The Guardian with joining other Guardians out in the Wild to try to forestall the Coming Darkness until a method to revive The Traveler is found.

Formally a Guardian now, the Guardian is deployed back to the Cosmodrome to investigate The Fallen. Apparently they were putting something under heavy guard inside The Skywatch. The Vanguard wants to know what they are protecting, and have sent The Guardian to find out. It turns out that The Fallen were not protecting anything, but rather were trying to keep something contained. The Hive, creatures of pure darkness, believed to only inhabit The Moon, but apparently made landfall on Earth without notice by The Tower. The Guardian discovers the Hive, unwittingly letting them free, but not before facing and defeating a Hive Wizard. The Guardian brings proof of The Hive's presence to The Vanguard, who then decide that Guardians need to be sent to The Moon to investigate and halt any invasion plans The Hive may have.

Shortly after, The Guardian is deployed back to The Cosmodrome again to investigate The Fallen. They have been scouring The Cosmodrome, looking for something. The Vanguard wants to find it first, and keep it out of Fallen Hands. It turns out that what The Fallen have been trying to access a network of some sort, but are being actively kept out by something. Warminds, AI's built during the Golden Age by Humanity to help defend it and fight its wars. A Warmind was rumored to have survived Humanity's Collapse. The Guardian finds proof to confirm the rumor. RASPUTIN, WARMIND OF EARTH, is alive and well, and is acting to protect certain things from prying eyes.

The Guardian then sets out to try and make contact with Rasputin, for the purposes of trying to 1)Find out what it is protecting, and 2)For the Vanguard to try and convince it to aid their cause. For this, The Guardian attempts to raise an Array in the Cosmodrome. The Array was Dead Orbit's hope to reconnect to other colonies among the ancient former holdings of Humanity, but they haven't been able to make it work. The Guardian manages to succeed(perhaps with help from Rasputin?), however as soon as the Array is raised and connected, Rasputin takes control of it and locks The Guardian and everything else out. Rasputin now has the ability to spread its reach beyond Earth, and takes control of Defense Constructs throughout the system.


As the next "Season" begins, The Guardian is deployed to The Moon, on the trail of a Lost Guardian, who went dark searching for a way into the main Hive Stronghold in the Ocean of Storms. On the trail the Guardian finds information the Lost Guardian was compiling, about a place called The Temple of Crota. The Guardian finds the Lost Guardian, struck down in front of The Temple. A Cloaked Stranger watches from a distance and then disappears, right before The Hive surge out of The Temple. After surviving the Hive attack, the Guardian finds the dead Ghost of the Lost Guardian, and extracts the leftover information from it. The extraction reveals that The Hive is raising an Army, with plans to invade Earth. The Guardian takes this information back to the Vanguard, and The Speaker.

The Guardian is deployed back to the Moon, to infiltrate The Hellmouth, the primary Hive Stronghold, which The Temple of Crota is a part of, and find a Library called The World's Grave. This library is alleged to contain nearly everything the Hive knows about Earth and its inhabitants, among other secrets. The Guardian successfully locates and extracts information from The World’s Grave, bringing it back for the Tower’s Cryptarchs to sift through.

Here, while the Cryptarchs are deciphering the contents of the Worlds Grave, The Guardian embarks are several side adventures. He destroys an ancient Hive Sword, and dismantles a Hive Shrine.

The Speaker then sends all available Guardians into the Hellmouth on a mission of grave importance. The Speaker, and the Cryptarchs have determined from the World’s Grave information, that The Hive is somehow attacking The Traveler directly. Keeping it in its dormant state. Before descending into the Hellmouth, The Stranger contacts The Guardian again, telling him to come find her, on Venus, alerting The Guardian to new threats there. If he survives the Hellmouth. The Guardians descend into the Hellmouth and locate a Chamber, where three HIVE SIPHON WITCHES are conducting a Ritual on an Object in the Center of the Chamber. Dispatching the Witches, and surviving the Counter-Attack by The Hive, and the Hive Ogre TELTHOR, UNBORN, the Object is revealed to be an actual piece of The Traveler. The Witches had somehow infected the Traveler through it, and were draining its Light, in an attempt to keep it from healing itself.

This threat averted, the Guardian then prepares to follow The Stranger’s Call. The Guardian heads to Venus.


The Guardian arrives on Venus, and fights through Ruins that were once the home of the Research Group known as the ISHTAR COLLECTIVE, searching for The Stranger. In the process, The Guardian discovers a new enemy, an army of Machines known as The Vex. Finally reaching The Stranger, who is revealed to be an Exo with no Ghost, she reveals that The Vex was what The Guardian was meant to see. Providing little else in the way of useful information about herself, she asks the Guardian if he has heard of The Black Garden. Before The Guardian can answer, Ghost hurriedly cuts him off, saying that they’ve heard the Legends. THE EXO STRANGER then reveals to The Guardian that whatever is keeping The Traveler from healing is located there and needs to be destroyed before The Traveler will rise again. The Guardian then sets out to find The Black Garden and confront what is there.

To this end, The Guardian travels to The Reef, where the Reefborn Awoken Empire is located, to seek information. The Awoken, apparently, know where The Black Garden is, and how to get in. How they came across this knowledge is unknown. The Guardian has an Audience with The QUEEN OF THE REEF who is revealed to also be the Kell of The Fallen House of Wolves. Also present at the meeting, is the Queen’s Brother, known as THE CROW. The Crow arrogantly dismisses the Guardian, but the Queen overrules him. In return for the Location, and means of Entrance to The Black Garden, The Queen sends the Guardian on what is tantamount to a suicide mission, to bring to her the Head of a Vex Gate Lord.

The Guardian returns to Venus, and in his search for a Gate Lord, he embarks on several side adventures. Assaulting a Research Station once belonging to the Ishtar Collective, Liberating an Archive of Ishtar Collective Research, and confronting DRAKSIS, WINTER KELL, the Kell of The Fallen House of Winter.

The Guardian discovers several important things about The Vex, that they are a Hive Mind, or more aptly, a Single Network. That they are part organic. That they are also Time-Travelers. That they have constructed a Stronghold called the VAULT OF GLASS somewhere on Venus.

Finally the Guardian discovers a method of summoning a Gate Lord, and the location to do so. The Endless Steps. The Guardian fights through nearly endless Vex minions en route to The Endless Steps. At the top of the Steps, the Guardian summons ZYDRON, GATE LORD, and proceeds to battle and defeat him, taking his head. The Guardian presents the Head of Zydron to the Queen of the Reef, surprising both her, and The Crow. The Crow takes an Eye from the Head and gives it to the Guardian, and reveals the location of The Black Garden, on Mars. The Queen bids them leave, with a warning: The Guardian owes her a debt, and The Queen will expect The Guardian to answer without hesitation should she, in the future, call in this debt.

The Eye is dormant, and The Guardian will need to find a method of charging it, if he is to enter The Black Garden.


The Guardian lands on Mars, and is met by the Warmongering Empire known as THE CABAL. They have claimed Mars for their own, and The Guardian is forced to fight through their Exclusion Zone to find the location of The Black Garden. What he finds is a giant dormant Portal, which presumably leads to The Black Garden, and will likely require the Eye to open.

The Guardian discovers that the Vex have begun attacking The Cabal for unknown reasons, and his mission brings him into the middle of both warring forces.

In a bid to wake the Gate Lord’s Eye, The Guardian fights through a heavily fortified Cabal Warbase, and captures a Vex Spire, facing and defeating Cabal PRIMUS SHA’AULL in the process. The Guardian successfully recharges The Gate Lord’s Eye, and prepares to enter The Black Garden.

On the way to the Black Garden Portal, The Guardian explores an ancient research base known as CLOVIS BRAY, clearing out the Cabal trying to uncover its secrets before encountering Rasputin again, who promptly takes control and locks down Clovis Bray. The Guardian also encounters and destroys a series of Vex Gates from which The Vex are pouring through, returning to The Black Garden to defend it.

The Guardian approaches The Black Garden Portal, fighting off both Vex and Cabal. Using the Gate Lord’s Eye, the Guardian gains access to the Black Garden. Located somewhere outside of space and time, in a massive place full of dormant Vex, The Guardian has no choice but to go forward, and that he does. Fighting through awakened Vex into the Heart of The Black Garden. There he is confronted with an Unknown item of Darkness, which The Vex there seem to be worshipping. The worshipping Vex attack, and after The Guardian successfully fends them off, The HEART OF THE BLACK GARDEN awakens its protectors, the SOL PROGENY to defend it. After long and fierce battle, the Progeny are defeated, and the Guardian manages to destroy the Heart. Upon its destruction, it dissolves, and Light erupts from it, stolen from the Traveler and now returning to it. The Guardian returns to The Tower, and sees that the The Traveler has begun slowly healing.


EPILOGUE: The Speaker delivers a speech to the assembled Guardians, broadcast across The City. In this speech, he delivers a Message of Hope, revealing that the “Broken God” they all worshipped has begun to repair, finally. He also challenges the Guardians to continue to push back the Darkness, and to let their Light shine as a weapon, and show that Humanity will not be destroyed. Meanwhile, in the Ship Hangar, The Guardian meets with The Exo Stranger. The Stranger makes the assertion that “All Endings are Beginnings”, and despite the Speaker’s message of Hope, the fight continues, and there is much more to do, and more enemies massing at Earth’s doorstep. She leaves, gifting a Rifle to The Guardian. Ghost examines the weapon, determining that parts of it should not exist yet due to lack of proper technology, confirming The Stranger as being a Time Traveler as well.

The Guardian then takes off from the Tower, off to the next Mission. The Fight continues, and Guardians must be vigilant.

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