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1How to get the sword Empty How to get the sword on Wed 16 Sep 2015, 4:15 pm


The name of the quest is 'A Sword Reforging'

To obtain this quest, you need to complete the main 'The Taken King' quest line and unlock Patrol mode for the Dreadnaught. (Complete the 'Dread Patrol' mission)

Part 1: A Broken Will
Step 1 - Head to the Tower and talk to Eris. She will give you the quest 'A Broken Will'.

Step 2 - Speak to Lord Shaxx, The Crucible guy

Step 3 - Obtain 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 Motes of Light

  • Hadium Flakes are found in loot chests on Dreadnaught Patrol

  • You can get a large number of Hadium Flakes in a package from ranking up Eris Morn.

Step 4 - Speak to Shaxx and hand him the materials.

Step 5 / Part 1 Complete - Choose which elemental blade you want as your reward

  • You will need 25 of Relic Iron, Spinmetal or Helium Filaments, depending on which blade you choose.

Congratulations, you now have your first Legendary sword!

Part 2: A Sword Reforged
To start Part 2, you need to have your legendary sword fully upgraded.
You may also need to have it infused to a certain number. At around 270/280 it unlocks a 5th perk. Mine is 282.

Step 1 - Speak to Shaxx

Step 2 - Kill 50 Majors and 25 enemies in the Crucible

  • Works on any majors, even the hive on Earth patrol. I'd suggest a strike with lots of Majors.

  • Killing 25 enemies in Crucible with a sword is a lot harder than it sounds. Damn shotguns.

Step 3 - Kill Ecthar, Sword of Oryx on Dreadnaught Patrol.

  • Head to 'The Founts' area in Dreadnaught Patrol. (Go through the Cabal ship and then furthest exit on the left)

  • Drop down the first hole in the ground and circle round until you find the entrance to the middle room

  • Head to the back of this room and you will see 3 Warden knights with different elemental shields, weaken em.

  • Kill all 3 Warden Knights with 1 Super. Golden Gun, Sunbreaker, Shocklock etc.

  • The massive door will open, allowing you through to the Asylum.

  • Kill all the enemies until Ecthar runs at you. He can only be damaged by your sword

  • Let epic Star Wars lightsaber duel commence. Remember to make use of the Swords Guard ability.

  • This took a while to figure out Razz

Step 4 - Speak to Shaxx / Quest Complete.

Part 3: A Sword Reforged (Exotic)
This quest was available to me right after handing in the above one. Unsure of any requirements.  May not want to get an exotic if you want to equip a different exotic weapon.

Step 1 - Speak to Shaxx

Step 2 - Gather 10 'Rare' materials and practice your relevant elemental abilities.

  • The materials you have to farm depend on the elemental damage you chose. (Helium filaments for Solar)

  • Farm the desired resource on the desired planet Patrol. Day one guardians will know the struggle.

  • Rare material drop rate seems to be between 5% and 10%. Drop is consistently 1/10 - 1/15 harvests for me.

  • Have fun harvesting at least 100 materials, ugh. Unless it's completely random and I'm unlucky.

  • Ability kills seems to grant 1% per 5 normal kills. Will experiment on specifics and majors etc.

That's the progress I've made so far. Will update as each step goes by.

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