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Some recommendations from: Reddit Thread - See Comments

Here's my opinions on the ones you can buy:

Must Buy
• Vanguard "LDR-5001" sniper. Arc sniper with the same damage model as The Supremacy and Icebreaker. Plus it has wallhack rounds. Seriously.

Should Buy
• Crucible "Against All Odds" LMG. If you couldn't get your hands on a Jolder's Hammer from IB, this is your time to get in on the high-damage party. Enjoy your 3HK in crucible. Yes, it shoots slow, but each shot does serious damage. Perks are decent, too, with Persistence, Grenadier, and your choice of Field Scout, single point, or quick draw. Field scout will bring this puppy up to a 50rd mag.

• Vanguard "MG18A Harm's Way" LMG. A suitable replacement for your Corrective Measure, the MG18A deals void damage and features both Crowd Control and Rodeo perks to help tame the recoil. Combine with Flared Magwell for fast reloads. Would be better with a stability perk.

• Crucible "For The People" AR. If you liked Crucible with a Shingen-E, you're absolutely going to love this AR. High base stability, with amazing perks (persistence, glass half full, and your choice of field scout/perfect balance/hammer forged). Unfortunately, there's not really a replacement for the Shadow Price/Grim Citizen category, apart from the updated Vanquisher VIII from New Monarchy (which is still really good). Note that the Queen's Wrath AR is also of this damage type, so pray to whomever you believe in that QW returns soon and brings her AR. As it is, the For The People is a should-buy only based on your play style.

• Crucible "Saterienne Rapier" scout. If you like scouts, this one is a good middle-road impact/ROF. Outlaw, High-Caliber, and Firefly make for a good PvE experience, particularly in the new raid on the phases where you can keep some distance (bridge).

• Crucible "TFWPKY 1969" hand cannon. Return to Sender, Field Scout, and Mulligan. You're going to be doing great damage with this thing, as long as you can manage the recoil. Suitable replacement for your TDYK. (An alternative would be the FWC handcannon, which now features Field Scout.)

• Crucible "The Trolley Problem" fusion rifle. Arc damage, high-impact model that includes Accelerated Coils - a great replacement for you 77 Wizard fans. Double Down and Who's Next are okay perks.

Maybe Buy
• Vanguard "One Way Ticket 000" rocket launcher. Cluster Bomb and Who's Next are good perks, but you'll need to use Field Scout to get your 2-rd mag. Would be OK for a Solar rocket if you don't have a Hezen. Like the Longbow, the raid rocket will be better off than this, also dealing Solar damage, and also having cluster bombs, but adds tracking rounds. Raid rocket is going to be lethal.

• Crucible "Y-09 Longbow Synthesis" sniper. Like the new LDR-5001, the Longbow features the high impact damage model. Longbow has some great perks, 5 rounds natively, and deals Solar damage. However, the new raid sniper Black Hammer also deals solar damage, and has even higher impact, so between the two Black Hammer is the better pickup. I put this one under Maybe because if you're not planning on raiding, or at least not any time soon, it's a good buy, but if you'll be slicing up SCrota then it's probably better to wait for the Hammer. That said, if you got a Void version of this gun in an engram/rank up, dance for joy.

• Vanguard "Badger CCL" scout. If you like scouts, this one will replace your old Proxima Centauri or A.1F19X-RYL. The perks are OK, with luck in the chamber, mulligan, and probably Flared Magwell as your ideal loadout.

• Vanguard "Secret Handshake" shotgun. If you use shotguns in Crucible, particularly Found Verdict, then you'll enjoy this model. Accurized Ballistics, Hammer Forged, and Shot Package make for some insane range and accuracy for a shotgun, and Grenadier makes for a great PvP loadout. Arc damage. Listed under "Maybe Buy" since it's really for crucible use only, as with most shoguns, though potentially would do good in Crota's End.

Definitely Avoid
• Vanguard "The Devil You Don't" - without Field Scout this gun is going to be garbage. Even with it, it's not a suitable replacement for TDYK because the higher ROF does not make up for the lower impact.

Everything else is in the okay-ish range that falls between Maybe and Definitely Avoid.

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