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1Destiny: Optimizing your Guardian after 30 Empty Destiny: Optimizing your Guardian after 30 on Thu 13 Nov 2014, 3:39 pm


Reddit Thread

Congratulations. You're level 30. What's next? For those of you looking for that extra edge there is more to do. No two level 30's are created the same.

272 is the magic number.

Thanks to some comprehensive breakdowns we can see the substantial benefits that come from effect bonuses. Unfortunately, 816 (272/272/272 for Intellect/Discipline/Strength) is not feasible. It starts with optimizing your gear to best suite your play style.

As many of you may already know, not all gear is created equal. And the same piece of raid gear can have different stats altogether.

The 500+ club
After running some numbers, we can deduce that a level 30 guardian who is equipped with optimal gear for each slot will amass a cumulative stat count north of 500. Here are the numbers:

Exotic   Base Min   Base Max   Max Potential
Helmet   75         105        118
Gloves   67         93         104
Chest    100        140        157

I don't have data on the baseline MIN/MAX values for raid Gear, but there has been some data compiled on the MIN/MAX values for upgraded raid items. You can see the results here.

Raid     Min Potential   Max Potential
Helmet   104             114
Gloves   87               101
Chest    132             152
Boots    125             140

So if you were fully equipped with the highest potential gear, you would end up with something like this:

Raid Helmet  +114
Raid Gloves  +101
Exotic Chest +157
Raid Boots   +140
TOTAL:        512

Seems like a lot of work. Where do you start? Well if you're like me you probably scrapped all the "duplicate" raid or exotic items you may have come across. Stop doing that. I took the time to compile some data sets to determine the stat upgrade multiplier for exotic and raid gear, respectively. Hopefully this will help everyone decide whether or not upgrading their gear is worth the time.

Type Base   Value   Multiplier   Max Potential
Exotic      X       1.125        1.125X
Raid        X       1.165        1.165X

A few examples,

• Armantentarium with base value 104 will be 117 fully upgraded. (Week 6, Xur)
• Armantentarium with base value of 136 will be 153 fully upgraded. (Week 8, Xur)
• Raid boots with base value of 54int and 55str (109) will be 63int / 64str (127) fully upgraded with the % increase evenly distributed between the two stats.

So to begin optimizing, quickly compute the potential on any gear you acquire. If it falls in the higher ranges, hold on to it. It will be extremely beneficial to hold on to any high-potential gear you have. Once you acquire all the pieces, you'll need to eventually mix-and-match combinations that give you your desired effect.

Any point over 272 is a wasted point.

So if you have boots that give you +140int, and two chest pieces, one that gives +157int and another that gives +75int/+75str, you're better off using the second one even though it's 7 stat points lower -- otherwise you'd be wasting 25 points by having a total int rating of 297.

2Destiny: Optimizing your Guardian after 30 Empty Re: Destiny: Optimizing your Guardian after 30 on Thu 08 Jan 2015, 11:23 am


How to pick the raid armor you level up thread

The upper amounts of level 32 armor bonus totals:

Helmet--- Low 120's
Gauntlets--- Low 120's
Chest--- Low 160's
Boots--- High 150's

For helms, there are 5 different perks, with the best being Inverse Shadow (increased super for each kill). Since this perk is so rare, the perks giving super for grenade/melee kills are also okay, but avoid the perks based on picking up orbs. While they may be of some help for Crota, they are generally useless in most situations. Also note that increased grenade throw distance is on all helms.

For gauntlets, there are 3 different perks for the main slot: chance to create an orb when killing hive with crit/grenade/melee kills. Crit is obviously the best of these, with grenade/melee kill also good depending on your play style. In the second slot you can have increased grenade throw distance, faster melee, grenade kills reduce melee cooldown, and melee kills reduce grenade cooldown. Since helms come with increased grenade throw distance, you don't want that one (it doesn't stack). I would suggest faster melee or grenade kills reduce melee cooldown, although the third one is okay depending on your play style.

For the chest, it all depends on what weapons you like to run.

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