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1Destiny: Nightfall Rep TIP Empty Destiny: Nightfall Rep TIP on Thu 02 Oct 2014, 1:50 pm


Do the Nightfall BEFORE the weekly heroic. When you complete the Nightfall strike, you get a buff which increases all experience gains and reputation gains (This includes cryptarch) by 25%.

The nightfall itself gives 500 rep to whatever faction class item you have equipped or Vanguard by default if you dont have anything equipped.

The weekly heroic strike gives 400 rep by default, which then goes up to 499 rep (I dont know why its not 500) if you have the buff.

Rep is also gained by decrypting engrams at the Crytarch. You should save engrams to trade in so you gain more Rep:

Color / Unbuffed Rep / Buffed Rep
Blue Rare / 150 rep / 187 rep
Purple Legendary / 200 rep / 250 rep
Exotic Yellow (from Xur) / 500 / 625 rep

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