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1Destiny: Choosing Legendary Weapons Empty Destiny: Choosing Legendary Weapons on Thu 18 Sep 2014, 10:30 am


From the Over 30 Clan forum:

So I've been witnessing people going about Destiny trying to "farm" legendary items, which brings about a few issues that could seriously end up wasting both time and materials for the following reasons:

1. Legendary gear is a very rare drop from strikes / missions / patrol

2. When a piece does drop the gun bonuses are randomized, so your legendary gear applies to two or more different primary weapons (this is a bad thing)

3) If you upgrade various legendary pieces that do not synchronize then you will have to farm the ascendant shards again for the same armor slot (which may have taken you a week or more to get per upgrade)

To avoid this, you need to figure out what your first build is going to be.  Personally, I just rolled with what my first legendary gear piece had, which for me was a chest piece with pulse rifle and sniper rifle bonuses.  Doing this meant I saved myself the time and effort required to get another armor piece.   You don't have to do this of course; if the gun type on the armor doesn't gel with your style of play (or you don't have any legendary gear yet) you can follow the below to get geared.

First off, it is totally unnecessary right now to farm for legendary gear.   You farm strikes to level 24 to get blue (rare) level 24 vanguard gear, ideally all with the same primary weapon, and then upgrade it.   This will get you to ~L25.  After this point, you need to go to the Tower and look at each vendor and find where your four armor pieces are at:

- Pick your primary weapon; this should be your exotic piece to start too (you can only have one exotic used at a time)....exotic gear dude (aka agent of the nine) can be found near the crucible quartermaster on the weekends ONLY)

- Go find out which vendor sells which armor piece(s) with that primary weapon on it (the chest piece you choose will tell you what special weapon you should use); one vendor will likely only sell one or two armor pieces you are looking for....figure out who sells the other legendary armor pieces

- Figure out your plan to go farm the vanguard, crucible, dead orbit, future war cult, etc. marks / reputation to get it.

- It is key to try and do the bounties everyday to get to the max number of marks (100) per week.  This goes for vanguard and crucible.   Farming strikes gets you to the max number of marks in a week too

When you farm, you are farming the MARKS, REPUTATION, and MATERIALS to get the legendary gear you want and upgrade it (which in turn levels you).   Marks and reputation farming comes from doing bounties and completing strikes.   Many materials come from doing chest loot runs on various planets (depending on the material you are farming).   The green and blue stuff you get during these runs are great for breaking down for plasteel and weapons parts you need to upgrade your gear (and increase level).  

Approaching your gear grind this way, there is no luck when it comes to synchronizing your gear.  This will get you into a very strong, synchronous armor setup dedicated to a single primary weapon (which will mean you carry a lot more ammo, and reload much faster, for that weapon).  

Within two weeks of following this formula I will have 3 of my 4 armor slots dedicated to pulse rifle, and gives me level 26.  The fourth piece, the gloves, will come from pvp unless I get very very lucky and they drop during a strike/mission

Over time I am sure that we all will have multiple sets of armor we can use to switch between different primary weapons, but near term the goal is for everyone to get into a single, primary weapon dedicated armor set.

2Destiny: Choosing Legendary Weapons Empty Re: Destiny: Choosing Legendary Weapons on Tue 23 Sep 2014, 10:25 am


Now that the Queen's Wrath is active, there is a way to farm Shards.

Every time you complete a queens bounty you get a "Queen's Wrath" mission token. Each token opens up a lvl 24 epic story mission where you hunt down a target. Upon completion you're awarded with a piece of "Queen's Guard" legendary gear. Now you can either use the gear, or break it down for 3 shards and some glimmer/parts. Sometimes you get duplicate armors with different mods though so... Maybe do all the bounties and all the missions before you break stuff down.

TL;DR: Do Queen's Wrath for a bunch of legendary gear and break it down for shards.

Edit: I say "fast" BC I'm not aware of anything even remotely comparable. Still takes a while but its faster than farming the cave (unless you're lucky or bend over for the cryptarch...)

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very good post wally, now i need to watch what i equip and make sure it syncs

Destiny: Choosing Legendary Weapons Kameas10

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