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1Wednesday Armsday 2.1 Empty Wednesday Armsday 2.1 on Wed 16 Sep 2015, 11:05 am


Starting this week now, we can see a new line of icons at the Gunsmith - your Foundry Orders. You have an option of five legendary-level weapons to choose from, which at Gunsmith Level 1 you may only choose one of. This weapon should be delivered a week from now on the next Armsday.
It's important to note, this weapon will take up a spot in said weapons type in your inventory for the week. So make room for it.
Good news, no heavy weapons this week, and no Crucible tests either!

Omolon Test HC1 - Hand Cannon
Make Precision Shots

  • This think kinda reminds me of Judge Dredd's Lawgiver. Decent impact this week, all you're going to have to do is hit some heads or hearts with it. Siege of the Warmind is, as almost always, a good bet, but if you've got some patrolling to do this weapon could serve you well.

Suros TSP-10 - Pulse Rifle
Use Against Hive Targets

  • Ah, our first pulse rifle to test apart from a Häkke, and another member of the Shamu clan to boot. Nothing really special about this weapon, which I yet again recommend going to Warmind for. If not, just use it running around on the Dreadnought for a bit and you're sure to finish it quickly.

Häkke Test-A - Shotgun
Use Against Hive Targets

  • A shotgun with built in Rangefinder and some pretty high impact to boot. Kinda happy we wont be seeing this weapon everywhere in Crucible then. Sling this one along with you wherever you choose to use the Suros this week as they share the same goal.

Also, don't Häkke weapons look like pretty much the only ones that could exist in real life? As in exist today, not at some point in the future. I also love the sounds these Häkke guns make, they're so "earthy".

Häkke Test-A - Sniper Rifle
Make Double Kills

  • Seriously, Häkke loves double kills...Nice clear scope on this weapon this week, zooms decently. Double kills can be made pretty easily on any Patrol, and chances are you're running about on the Dreadnought as it is currently. If you wanna get this one done quick though, you already know what I'm going to recommend.


Omolon Test RR1 - Sniper Rifle
Use Against Fallen Captains

  • Our only all-new field test goal this week. Another nice, clear scope to look through, and another gun I love the sound of - it's got an almost liquid quality to it. Then again, most Omolon guns actually appear to run on liquid. As this is a sniper, there was one place that sprung to mind that this could be completed on quite fast - the cliffs above the Vex/Fallen melee during the middle section of the Archon Priest strike on Venus. There are more than a few Captains running around down there, and you can just jump off the cliff after they're down to grab them again. If you don't want to deal with a strike, just go patrolling in the Forgotten Shore in the Cosmodrome. Two Captains respawn there regularly - one on the center ship, and one in the building leading down to Rasputin's bunker.

FAQs -
Where do I pick up the weapons?

  • At the Gunsmith in the Tower, his stock will refresh once weekly.

When is the weekly refresh?

  • Wednesdays at 5AM ET/2AM PT, now deemed Armsday.

How do we turn in the quests when we are done with the weapon?

  • You don’t. As soon as the weapon signifies to you that you have finish its field test, you are automatically rewarded with the XP towards your Gunsmith rank.

Can’t I just give these weapons all to one character across my whole account for 3x the XP?

  • No. Gunsmith field test weapons cannot be put into the vault. Each character you have can only use these guns once each towards Gunsmith XP.

What do I do with the guns once finished?

  • Whatever you want. There is no need to hold onto them once completed unless there is a useful perk on them that may come in handy.

How many Crucible kills do I need to finish [Insert Weapon]?

  • Ten kills in total, with the weapon itself, not just with it equipped.

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