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1Who we are - Read Second Empty Who we are - Read Second on Mon 22 Oct 2012, 12:25 pm


We are NOT a video game clan.  We are part of the Over 30 Clan also known as the x30x.  We're proud of, and loyal to, our clan.  Not necessarily to the death, but at least for now.

We all met playing into the late hours of the Pacific Time zone, generally 10pm to 2am, GMT -8:00.  That is where our name came from: Late Night West Coast (LNWC).

Since we wanted our own controlled space to communicate and talk with each other, I decided to create this forum.  It does NOT replace the regular x30x clan forum, but is meant to be an addition to it.  A space just for us and our unique brand to fun.  

Ultimately, anyone in the x30x can join, but admission is subject to approval by me.  Also, if someone disregards our four simple rules, your membership here will be put to a vote.  Since being a part of this forum is strictly optional, you can and will be kicked for being an asshat.

We also have a few honored guests in our midst. Again, feel special, it's by invite only. Razz

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