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1TTK Weekly Newsletter Empty TTK Weekly Newsletter on Fri 02 Oct 2015, 9:32 am



So if this catches on I hope to make it weekly and basically group some cherry picked top posts with a little word and link to them. I'm on this reddit far too often and see some top posts get totally missed by folks a day or two later leading to annoying repeat posts surfacing again. The goal here is a nice concise link heavy newsletter as it were. So yeah...

Week 1:
Exotics, exotics and more exotics
Various exotic quests and secret exotics (looking at you Spindle) have been found up to now, though some still remain hidden (not looking at you Sleeper COS WE DON'T KNOW WHERE THE HELL YOU ARE). A nice guide to some of these was posted a while ago here.

A Touch of Malice was the one folks were most interested in, leading to a mass fragment hunt and sjlu making a handy site to track fragments. Do note there's like a hundred guides on fragments out there, but this one is good and at 5 days old makes the news letter.

On a similar note the tinfoil (spinfoil) hat wearing Sleeper Simulant hunters got some crazy rain man genius level techno wizard tocrack some code on a terminal in rasputin's bunker. This, although a great achievement, hasn't really achieved anything in the search for the sleeper besides introduce some folks to cryptographic hashes and a lot of migraines...
Fan maps, cos bungie wont give us them
A butt ton (metric measurement as always) of dreadnaught maps with chest locations were made over the last couple of weeks, they were all pretty good but most folks liked this one. Here is another worthy of a mention.
Some loosely story mission related stuff this week
The grimoire for those pyramid head witches turns out to be glitched and to get it you actually need to kill them during the story mission where they first appear/ start haunting your dreams
Many know of the secret Spindle side mission that can crop up in the daily (and will crop up again so here is a guide for next time) and its most likely Paradox will have a similar secret ending or extra quest ending. Take note: so far it can only be glitched into and you will likely ruin the intended way to do it and miss out on rewards!!
There was another butt ton (0.984207 long butt tons if you care) of raid guides posted this week... and last week... and for many weeks to come... Just google or youtube that crap.
Lore and the realm of the spinfoil hat people
Folk also delved into the book of sorrows grimoire A LOT but I ain't touching that can of worms (get it?). Breakdowns on it all disagree ( worms is dragons vs worms aint dragons )

Speculation is rampant (#teamdragonsaintworms) and I don't want to fuel it, highly recommend you read the lore yourself. Folks also seem to be getting uppity about the asexual species swapping gender or something? The internet is a strange place... Keep yer speculations out of this post, except for me, cos I'm the boss here...
Speaking of lore someone made a lore post summarising Destiny's past up till present. Do note it takes a hive focus (because that's all we have right now), has some slight speculation and gap filler and is based on grimoire that makes up a book from an evil dark lord with graffiti in the book literally accusing said evil lord of lying. Still a damn well written piece given the circumstances.
Some achievements this week
Somebody hit 310 light first in the world. One can only imagine the amount of sweat poured into this achievement. Sweat, two of the same class and a crap ton (short ton) of luck. Congrats to you man, I'll get to 310 (after the next DLC likely...)
Speaking of sweating it out, some folk reached rank 5 with the gunsmith. This starts a quest for [url= First Curse]The first curse[/url] and not the Sleeper as many had hoped.
Some crazy guy 2 manned part of the raid and I hear he 4 manned the whole thing. Must be into torturing himself or something, I dunno.
Many players came to realise they had an addiction including myself... as I spend my lunch typing about some very detailed groups of pixels that make a 3D man who can run around with space magic...
Some game changes
Bungie got its own gear manager. Not tried it but, could suck, DIM all the way boi!
Titan supers got less hammy spammy. Don't get upset, this needed fixed, and please don't hit me with your tiny T-rex arms.
Edit for requested posts from the week
Save yourself some hassle doing the last part of the exotic sword quest and team up with 2 folk doing the same type of sword as you. This is an all round guide too for steps 1 - 539
Some total scrub gave advice on cramming folk into the court of oryx. Seriously what loser would type all that out?...
And finally a collection of tidbits:

  • Luke Smith said no reforging on stuff

  • Xbox players can get 9 folk in a chat party for CoO

  • PS4 players can make 10000 strong communities and this reddit has one but it will be full soon

  • People continued to buy Xurs legacy engram and complained

  • People continued to try the daily for black spindle past reset, didn't get the reward and complained.

  • People keep getting dunked by new supers in crucible... and complain.

  • People are getting sick of complaints... and complain.

  • Some douchebag made a news letter, missed out a ton of stuff from the past week, went way over his lunch time... and complained.

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2TTK Weekly Newsletter Empty Re: TTK Weekly Newsletter on Fri 09 Oct 2015, 10:35 am



Hey all, so last week I did a rough roundup of some top posts on the reddit here (link at the bottom), it was popular, someone bribed me with gold (thank you) and now I’m back. 
Since last week a fantastic new raid secret area was found and mods got sick of all those “Kings Fall secret area” posts so they made a megathread for folk to thrash out their theories. This place now stands as a monument to wasted time since the news dropped thatthe room is just spacejam2.0. Man Luke Smith loves to be hated...

Delving into things from the raid that haven’t made folk spage (spew with rage (spew means to vomit, this whole thing means to vomit from anger)) a new tactic has appeared for oryx, the megabomb? Bomberman blitz? MOALB? Big bang attack? Its 16 bombs at once whatever…

On a side point do note that bringing it up to 20 bombs breaks the game

Edit addition: Also while we're on the raid, some guy managed a flawless run of kings fall. Top achievement there, I class a good run as <50 deaths myself...
RIP Search for The Steeper Slimulant
Speaking of “wasted time”, or rather bungie wasting our time… I’m sure you know what’s coming but let’s start from the top. The folks over at “search for the sleeper” summarised their work, and needless to say it was a hell of a lot of work which I have now summarized in a summary of reddit posts...

This was all promptly ruined, as secretly Bungie squatted above the spinfoil sleepers and at what they deemed the appropriate TIME took a large steaming dump on them and pulled a time gate lever… Incase you missed the fire and salt, the quest simply became available, end of story.

No weapon dropped, spinfoilers got their hopes up for a further more complicated step worthy of their hive mind intelligence. Bungie tensed their sphincter again however and the next day came the quests follow up/ dump. Remember folks an adult shouldn’t consume more than 6g of salt a day…
I doubt any of that is news, you all were here for “The great disappointment 02/10/15 – 09/10/15” (10/02/15 – 10/09/15 for American brothers). Yes that’s set to my Friday based week, folks can set a week to whatever the hell they want these days right bungie!? Anyway, moving on.
This week we survived the salt river but we also survived the suggestion flood, as suggestions got a new home, the unofficial being bungie please and the official being Bungie Pls. I suggest you get over there…
Some pleasant summaries
- On a better note, some kind chap made a nice summary of vendor weapons now we can’t reforge for god rolls
- Another awesome guy made a crucible guide for dummies
- There is an awesome summary on Strike loot. Flayer cloak y u no drop? Sad
- And on a strike note some sound advice on how to dodge… JOHN CENA
- For those struggling with their exotic sword stuff, here is another way to get ability kills for those classes that struggle. He sounds so bored, no wonder…
- Further still, here is THEE best sword quest advice around for ability kills
- And on a related note here is another guide to slaughtering hive for bounties without waking the hive
- Sword block also continues to help you soak everything, like literally, anything
- But please bear in mind that team mates can waste your sword if they are dicks and mine always are, and I’m a dick…

Some nice numbers
- If you’ve ever wondered how to stack damage modifying buffs from perks some guy you’ve never heard of did some myth busting
- And while tackling numbers and buffs, hammerbros got a maths check you OP T-rex armed blinkless bullies!
Give me your money, (via screen throw optional)
- Bungie added micro transactions, you can now only be consumed by darkness 3 times before needing to buy in game cash for real money to buy lives back. The currency is planned to be called “money for the screen” cash… just kidding it’s for emotes and costs “silver” or souls or something
Lastly do you even Rep Bro!?
- Folks have been struggling with faction rep for that exotic class item (I mean rank 25!? Really!?). But someone did maths and crap and says you can get up those faction ranks if you got spare coin.
- This guy also has a sneaky tip for rep gainz
Some final little points

Honorary mention from last week
Its a post within a post but it was a popular idea in said post and I'm giving it a shameless plug, someone has been putting together a community playlist for spotify. Obviously PS4 elitists benefit from this more, with their random ability to play spotify through their game box thanks to back hand Sony deals. Spotify folks can all still enjoy it but.
That’s it all folks, do note I left out media stuff, because then it becomes a link to a link (of sometimes another link) and I am trying to avoid that a bit. Just click the media filter or something, I’m not giving you a link, when do I ever give you a link?
Lastly lastest, last week’s roundup can be found here:

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