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1Use gjallarhorn on Taken champions Empty Use gjallarhorn on Taken champions on Mon 28 Sep 2015, 8:59 am


Since they are in year 1 patrol activities, your year 1 Ghorn does full damage. This will let you take them down fast, even solo.

This works because year 1 weapons do full damage in year 1 activities (such as Earth, mars and venus patrol). Above a certain attack value, only impact of the gun determines damage in these activities: for example, a 300 attack hand cannon with 45 impact will do the same damage in earth patrol as a 170 attack handcannon with 45 impact.

You can even wear y1 carry more heavy ammo boots to hold more rockets without lowering your damage (they let you hold more than the y2 carry more rockets perk). The y2 carry more rockets perk can actually stack with the y1 carry more heavy perk if you have them on different pieces such as a Y1 armamentarium and Y2 boots with carry extra rocket ammo.

If you miss your VoC, you can bring that too.

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