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1TTK Weekly Activities Empty TTK Weekly Activities on Wed 23 Sep 2015, 9:12 am


The Taken King Weekly Activities

  • Daily Heroic Story: Once per account for 15 Legendary Marks.
  • Crucible Daily: Once per account for 15 Legendary Marks.
  • Crucible Weekly: Account wide. 10 Legendary Marks per win. Max of 30 marks a week (3 wins).
  • Weekly Heroic Strike: Account wide for 10 Legendary Marks 3 times per week. Also Character Specific, 1 Legendary Engram per character. Still gives Experience each run after, and you can still chain multiple strikes for the increased Legendary engram drop buff.
  • Nightfall: Character specific. Random potential drops (possible exotic/legendary drop chances Motes, Coins, Three of Coins.)
  • Shaxx Bounties: Character specific. Final bounty completion contains possible Nightfall-tier rewards.
  • Raid Bosses/Chests: Character specific, once per week.
  • Petra Bounties: Three bounties per week, per character. First bounty completion rewards Prison of Elders chest key.

You can earn 270 marks per week through the above methods (without counting drops otherwise, quests, or by deconstructing gear).

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