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How to get it: [1] [2]
So it turns out Black hammer does have a year 2 variant and it can be obtained in today's daily heroic. I was able to obtain the sniper after hearing about today's previous top post. The way in which i obtained it was: 

Things to note: -It is time based -Everybody in the fireteam does get the drop -Possible additional drop in the form of a ship(see above) -Wiping does inhibit the door from opening(atleast in my experience. -This was only tested on the daily heroic not the regular mission on the moon.

Obviously start up the daily heroic. Me and my fireteam did a speed run through the entire mission aside from certain parts. 

1. Once you get to the Ogre just try to kill him as fast as possible I recommend stun locking with snipers/shottys. 

2. After that it is a sprint to the first door in which it requires only 1 relic to unlock. 

3. After that first door their will be one more in your way requiring 2 relics, find them and get past that door as well. 

4. Once you have done this you should be able to hear the door opening in the distance. 

5. Continue through the start section of the strike "The Shadow Thief" Once you board the Ketch, a 10 minute timer will start and you must eliminate ALL taken on the ship to complete the mission. If done correctly you will be rewarded with the Black Spindle! 

Tip: Kill the boss(Driksis) first!

If you obtain the Black Spindle, go to the Exotic Blueprints Kiosk and buy some to infuse into Legendary or Exotic Secondaries to make it 300 attack.

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More info:

- The ideal weapon load out seemed to be any primary, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. The final room is full of Psions that will multiply out of control. You need to keep those in check. You can primary down the final boss, but you need to clear the entire room, and Rocket Launcher seems best for that.

- The new subclasses are great in this. Nightstalker + rocket launcher generates a ton of orbs, as does Stormcaller. Sunbreaker absolutely wrecks the last room. It's the best of this mission.
Use the subclass synergy to generate orbs. I'm a hunter, and I'd void bow mobs, and then immediately rocket them, for a boat load of orbs. Then Titan and Warlock would then go in and clean house, and I'd get their orbs. Rinse, repeat.

- Pop a synth right at the beginning of the mission. Use rockets in the first room, then pop a synth again. A 3rd synth will be available in the final room with, hopefully, about 3 minutes left. Use your heavy and special ammo. Don't conserve it. Time is a factor in ALL rooms. The quicker you get the first two rooms done, the more time you have in the last.

- Kill the Dark Summoning Orbs ASAP. They'll summon more and more mobs, obviously. Mobs still come in thru the doors, but killing these helps a lot.

- Don't hide in the front of the room, like you do on Taniks. Clear the room of adds, then spread out, so you can keep the adds in control, pick up ammo, and get a good angle on the boss.
You need to balance boss damage with add control. Rocket Launchers are great for this, as are shotguns. A Solar Shotgun for the Knights is great. Void for the Wizards is nice, too, but its the knights in the last room you'll want to shotgun to the face.

- You must kill EVERYTHING in the room, not just the boss. But once the boss dies, you can't wipe, so if you all die, you just have to wait on the res timer. It wastes precious time, but it's still doable.

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Hello everyone. A lot of people came up with guides, written and recorded, on how to get the Black Spindle (Year 2 version of Black Hammer).

Here's my take on it, compiling several guides that have been suggested. Feel free to try what works out best for you.

NOTE: I'll skip mentioning the Ogres/clear the Taken parts because those have been discused numerous times. This will be mostly for Driksis, the final boss.

Upon entering the first room (just after using the teleporter), a 10-minute timer will count down.
To ensure that you have enough time to kill Driksis and the adds, you'll want to have at least 6-minutes left on the clock prior to arriving at Driksis' room. This is plenty of time.

Remember that blights will need to be killed quickly to prevent them from spawning more adds. Only 8 will spawn throughout the fight, in sets of two at a time.

In order of spawn:
Front left/right > Back left/right > Back platform/front window > Back left/right

You'll want to be using classes that can clear adds quickly to avoid being overwhelmed (Stormcallers, Sunbreakers and Nightstalkers are good).

Make sure your supers/heavy ammo are good to go.

TACTIC 1: Slow-and-Steady / Skolas 2.0
This one is about killing all the blights and adds as they spawn, having the entire fireteam on adds duty.
From the entranceway, clear out the mobs to the left and right. Make sure to destroy the blights. The first two, as mentioned above, are front left, front right.

Just like Skolas - kill all mobs; when all mobs are dead, shoot the boss.

A few seconds later, two more blights will spawn - back left, back right. Take out those blights and mobs; then focus fire on the boss.

Again, blights will spawn - back platform, and just in front of you at the entranceway. Kill blights, mobs; then focus on boss.

Finally, the last two blights spawn at back left, back right - destroy those, and mobs, then kill boss.

This strategy takes the longest time to finish, so you want around 5-6 minutes of time left upon entering the boss room. It is, however, the easiest to do.

You can thank Youtube user "BK" for this strategy. His video is right here:

TACTIC 2: Two roamers, one sniper
This is similar to the above and is a lot quicker, but requires a bit more coordination and absolute avoidance of player deaths, otherwise you can be overwhelmed.

Designate one player to focus on the boss (preferably Nightstalker). The two other players (Sunbreaker/Stormcaller/Sunsinger/another Nightstalker) will focus on mobs.

Again, the blights appear in sets of two at a time. Your two roamers need to kill those blights and mobs on their side, cooperating if necessary.

Your roamers help damage the boss once their mobs are down; your sniper focuses consistently on the boss.

This takes around 5 minutes to finish, but again requires for no players to die. Otherwise you risk being overwhelmed, and your sniper may not have a clear shot due to several mobs also shooting at him.

This tactic was suggested by a buddy, Steelkill27, who beat it easily. They had three players consistently making orbs (tether, pyre, etc). The roamers killing adds quickly and the third player focusing on boss.

TACTIC 3: Shotgun/Sword/Bubble
This is a quick run-and-gun tactic that requires a bit of luck and speed.

Ensure that everyone has shotguns and swords, and that you have at least 2 Titans (to be on the safe side).

Begin by rushing out on Driksis' platform (where Taniks used to spawn). You can have a Nightstalker drop vanish so you don't get shot at while jumping there.

One Titan drops Bubble (either Blessing or Armor of Light). Destroy Driksis with your swords and shotguns.
The other Titan must time his Bubble right so that when the previous one is about to expire, he will use his.
You should be able to kill Driksis quickly enough - and your team might end up dead if the second bubble runs out.

If you are, just respawn at the entrance - regroup there. Now you need to clear the mobs/blights that remain. Blights will no longer spawn when the boss dies.

This takes the fastest to finish but the requirements (shotguns, swords, at least two Defender Titans) is strict. It may even be a wipe if you are unable to kill Driksis on the second bubble expiring. This is because you will be swarmed by mobs, and more continue to spawn if Driksis is alive.

This was suggested by a buddy, Genocidestx, and it worked well for him.

The best tip I can give is NEVER RUSH mobs or blights without proper coordination. Never stay out in the open if there are so many mobs around.

You're mostly safe at the entrance room with only a few mobs making their way there. Driksis' "shadow ball/blinding ball" does not even hit you since the window blocks it.

If you can kill mobs/blights from there, do so. If some are tucked in/hiding, carefully pop out of cover and kill them fast.

Finally, never revive someone if he's far away and surrounded by mobs. Chances are, you will die as well. Just tell him to respawn.

Regroup, recover, and play calmly.

Good luck, Guardian.

Another video:

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Video Link:

EDIT: As /u/Ejou reminded me, if you've already done the mission, you can run it again for a chance of getting the ship.

Those who missed out a few days ago are now likely chomping at the bit to get your Black Hammer 2.0 from today’s Daily Heroic mission. However this mission comes with its own challenges. So here’s a little guide I wrote up to hopefully help a few of you get your new Exotic Sniper.

Part 1: Make it to the Ketch
Use whatever loadout you want for this mission, but I found that Swords work well at clearing large swathes of enemies quickly. If you have any King’s Fall weapons, use them as they deal extra damage against the Taken.

Most of the mission is fairly self-explanatory, make it to where you shattered Crota’s crystal and kill the Ogre.

Once the Ogre is dead you’ll want to hightail it out as quickly as possible, take too long and the door to the Ketch will shut. But be careful not to wipe as this will also cause the door to shut.
After you pass the room where 2 relics are needed to open the door, you’re almost at the Ketch. The lift into the Ketch is located across the room where three 3 relics are required to open the door. Ignore the relics and get to the lift. If the door is shut and Ghost offers to scan it, you’ll know you took too long, reset the mission and start again.

Part 2: Breach and Clear
Once you’re on the Ketch and reach the first room, the timer will start. You’ve got 10 minutes to clear the Ketch of all Taken and kill the boss at the end.

The first room is simple as it contains the least amount of enemies and should only take you 45-60 seconds to clear.

An Arc-shield Centurion spawns up the back, and Solar-shield Knights are littered in the room. Take out the Blight Orbs as soon as you enter to prevent excess enemies spawning. You should be waiting for the back door to open at roughly 9:15 remaining on the clock.

Part 3: Tunnel
Six enemies spawn here, three left and three right, one Taken Captain on each side with two Vandals. Shotguns and swords for a quick kill.

Kill the Blight Orbs. Always kill the Blight Orbs.

Send one person left to quickly kill one of the Wizards, they continually spawn Shadow Thrall which add to the chaos. The other two players split and take down as many enemies as quickly as possible.

Dealing damage to the Snipers can force them to use their bubble move, alleviating some of the pressure. Send one person along the perimeter to take them out, using the outcroppings as shields. There are three snipers up the back and one on the left hiding above the side-tunnel.
If you can clear this room with more than 7 minute remaining on the clock, you’re doing well.

The winding tunnel between you and the boss room contains a two Phalanx, a Captain, and two Knights. Dispatch them without impunity. The boss room is where the proverbial shit hits the roof.
One person should stay in the entrance tunnel and should be continually dealing damage to the boss. Two people should be sent left to draw the aggro from the enemies sideways and away from the entrance.

Again, kill the Blight Orbs as soon as possible, the less enemies in the room the easier this is going to be.

The two people on the left can retreat to the entrance if things turn south quickly, but it’s important for them to push their way back out. Keeping everyone at the entrance only focuses the fire of the enemies and causes all the Captains, and the boss, to send the Blinding Orbs at the entrance.
While killing enemies, the two on the left should also damage the boss wherever possible, especially if it’s down on the floor as this location is difficult for the entrance-person to reach.

At a few minute remaining, a Blight Orb will spawn near the entrance window; it will prevent the main damage dealer from healing. Kill it.

Aim to have the boss dead at 1:30 – 1:00 remaining, this will ensure you have plenty of time to clean up the remaining enemies. They stop spawning once the boss is dead. Whip out the sword, pop Supers, and go completely ham. Slay everything in your path.

Once everything is dead, the mission will end and you’ll receive your Black Spindle. If your inventory is full, it will be delivered to the Postmaster.

Once more for emphasis, here’s a video link if you want to see how I did it:

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