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1How to use Three of Coins Empty How to use Three of Coins on Fri 18 Sep 2015, 8:52 am


Rushing to spend your Strange Coins at Xur? Not sure what to spend them on? Read below!

Three of Coins are a new item that can be bought at a ratio of 7 strange coins for 5 Three of Coins; these grant you a chance at a Exotic engram after you kill a Ultra. Follow these steps below to abuse this before it's patched.

First - Stock up on as many Three of Coins as you can - Stock up on Heavy ammo crates also - (If you have a ice breaker, use it)

Second - Start up the mission "Scourge of Winter, Venus"

Third - You'll have to kill all the mobs in the first room in order to progress, after that you can simply run all the way to the boss, without killing anything.

Fourth - Once you're at the boss door, use ONE of your Three of Coins and proceed to kill him LEAVING HIM AT ENOUGH HEALTH TO KILL HIM WITH YOUR ROCKETS. Once he is low enough, suicide rocket killing yourself and him.

Fifth - Once you respawn, use another Three of Coins and repeat.

* Ice breaker makes this a whole lot easier in terms of special ammo
* If you run low on ammo, you can kill the dregs and hope for some.
* The reason you use one Three of Coins at a time is because after each kill, if one doesn't drop you keep the chance % but not the buff, using another will increase the % and reapply the buff. Using more than one just wastes it.

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