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1TTK Dead Ghosts Empty TTK Dead Ghosts on Fri 18 Sep 2015, 8:48 am



I've seen a couple threads here and there on the subreddit but none of them included all of these, and some have been overlooked by the vast majority of guides, so I put together 1 video of all 14 Dead Ghosts (not including Crota's End Raid) which can be seen here and compared to the Grimoire cards.

Here are their individual names as well as timed location in the video:

* Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray - 0:10
* Ghost Fragment: Cabal 4 - 0:59
* Ghost Fragment: Cabal 3 - 1:30
* Legend: Saint-14 - 2:15
* Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 3 - 3:00
* Ghost Fragment: Human 5 - 3:46
* Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 4 - 4:15
* Ghost Fragment: Awoken 3 - 4:59
* Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5 - 5:33
* Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4 - 6:05
* Ghost Fragment: Exo 3 - 6:43
* Osiris: Vision 81 - 7:23
* The Queen: The Aftermath - 8:04
* Ghost Fragment: Vex 5 - 8:50 (PS4 only, unless you glitch)

There are an additional 4 more ghosts named "Mystery: Vault of Glass 1/2/3" and "Mystery: Praedeyth's Door" which haven't been found yet, I'll update when they are available. If you have information on them, I'd love to hear from you!

Here is a link to the Crota's End Raid Ghosts for those who might've missed it: 

What are Dead Ghosts for?! Basically just a few collectibles to kill some time and gain some Grimoire score/cards for the fans! There are now currently 99 TOTAL Dead Ghosts available bringing the Grimoire Score for collecting all of them to 495! Looking for the original ones on Earth/Moon/Venus/Mars? Look no further:

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