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1TTK Day 1 - Things to do Empty TTK Day 1 - Things to do on Wed 16 Sep 2015, 10:58 am


Starting with Day 1 of The Taken King.  Things to do:

1. Do the introduction mission on Phobos.
Don't go to the tower to check out all the cool stuff or pick up you new shinies - go do the introductory mission. It sets the scene, gets you hyped, and unlocks a bunch of stuff for when you do get to the tower. Also hold off on handing in any bounties that you have accumulated, you may want them in a minute.  Once you are done with the mission...

2. Go to the Tower
But still hold off on handing in any saved bounties, or doing most of the quests, because what you should now have unlocked is the quest for your new sub-class. Pick this up (and others) from your Vanguard representative.

3. Go unlock your subclass. 
Should be two missions.  Now that you've got your sub class available you can start the expansion in earnest (you don't have to use the new subclass of course but if you've maxed out your others you might as well put all that experience to use...). 

4. Your hand in should have taken you back to the tower.

  • Now you can run around doing the chores, pick up bounties if you haven't already, check out all the new shinies, finally clear out those exp packages from the mailbox. 
  • Do the Veteran's Tour if you are a Year One player to get your Year One rewards and a Deceptive Engram. You'll probably have acquired a bunch of new class items of various level and perks - I used the one that levels you faster for most of the story, but it's up to you! Equip your preferred gear (the missions start at level 25 which is about 125 light, so if you were maxed before you'll still be overgearing it until quite late on in the story) and then head to orbit.

4. Complete the main story.
There's a couple of other things you could do, but seriously, get through that story. It'll level you most of the way to 40 and unlocks a bunch of other endgame stuff to do (some of which is also locked behind being 40).

Finishing it off gets you the usual tea and medals, and something far more valuable: choice! What oh what to do next? Pick up all the quests and suddenly you've got a couple more solo stories, champions to kill, three strikes to play through, a quest line to build a sword (!), a new location to patrol, Legendary marks to farm, and a raid to anticipate. If people feel there's an efficient order of doing these things let me know. 

I'd recommend starting with unlocking the Dreadnaught patrol because who doesn't want freedom to get lost explore the new area and be eternally confused by all the chests, relics, and runes or buttons that spawn enemies?

To unlock the patrol you need to do a mission called... Dread Patrol. You actually get to be the guardian that places the beacons for a change. Once that's done you will have freedom to roam.


  • Can obviously just patrol as normal, pick up the bounties and turn them in.
  • Can farm Hadium Flakes (for use in other quests)
  • Can farm Calcified Fragments (when you find one head back to Eris - she gives you a quest to find more) - guide
  • Can find chests in hidden/hard to reach areas which need specific keys to open (keys are random drops?) - guide
  • Public Event type: Summon one of the Court of Oryx at variable difficulties - more info

  • Public Event type: Can summon Ultra Knight
  • Public Event type: Can fight off a series of Taken in different areas indicated by a rune, which spawns a relic (to open a chest without dying?)

PARADOX (part of Taken War: Venus)
This is a story mission that takes you into the Vault of Glass. It rewards legendary marks and tasty, tasty lore. It feels quite long (or maybe I just wiped too many times trying faceroll it - cover and safety seemed to be the key) and I think someone said there are no checkpoints so beware.

It's also the first part of the Taken War: Venus quest line that involves a number of activities and rewards armour upgrades.

The Taken King Features four new strikes (one PS only) - plus the old PS exclusive ones are now available for xbox players. Looking only at TTK strikes:

- Fallen Saber - defend Rasputin from the S.A.B.E.R. -2 super shank.
- Shield Brothers - stop Cabal forces on the Dreadnaught from blowing it up.
- Sunless Cell - fight Alak-Hul, a Darkblade of Oryx.
- PS exclusive Echo Chamber - stop Theosyion, the Restorative Mind, from bringing back Sekrion.

The quest for this is called A Broken Will and is picked up from Eris. You need to unlock the Dread Patrol to pick it up.
- Lord Shaxx asks you to go farm 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 motes of Light. Hadium Flakes are found in hidden chests on the Dreadnaught. Here are some guides.
- Once finished go back to Shaxx (he may not have an indicator to talk to you, but don't worry). You will also need 25 spinmetal (arc), or helium filaments (solar), or relic iron (void) depending on which damage type you want. If you have three characters, do the quest three times and pick a different element each time! A sword for every occasion.

This is a series of quests to kill champions and gather materials on the different planets. Pick it up from Petra in the Reef. The rough set up is:

  • Kill champions (2)
  • Find Curious Object (1)
  • Gather items from enemies (25)
  • Gather different items from Taken enemies (15)

Things to note:
- Champions are spawned as part of mini-event type things - the quest will tell you where to wait for them. A bunch of portals spring up and a lieutenant will occasionally spawn from them - kill all the lieutenants to make a champion spawn. Here's a guide. Can be done solo but probably easier with a group.

- The curious object is apparently a reciprocal rune and should drop from the champions.

Once you do one location you'll get a second, then a third - rinse and repeat:

  • Earth
  • Venus
  • Mars

Finishing this quest grants legendary marks and unlocks Taken Bounties from Petra - presumably similar to the HoW bounties. Hand in one quest and three more take its place...

All I've got to go on for this are the DB details. Can anyone provide more info?

  • Rewards the usual Legendary marks.

All I've got to go on for this are the DB details. Can someone provide more details? Is Tenebrous Tunnels a solo mission?

  • Rewards the usual Legendary marks.

There's been some nice new additions to Crucible as well! 

  • A quest line to get an exotic shotgun, the Chaperone. You can pick up the quest "Jolly Holliday" from Amanda Holliday after the end of the main story. It mostly involves killing people in Crucible, at various points with the Last Word equipped or with a shotgun, but also involves the Shield Brothers strike. Check out a full guide here.

Trying to get that light level up to get into the Weekly Heroic/Nightfall/Raid, you'll need to be earning legendary marks. Completing the quests above will earn you a bunch but most are not repeatable, so it's back to the grind (wouldn't be Destiny without it).
Here's a great list of ways to get marks.

How much is needed? Well...

  • Nightfall: recommended minimum 280
  • Vanguard Heroic Strike: recommended minimum 260
  • Daily Heroic Story: recommended minimum 240

If you're like me you'll finish your story at about 200. Some of the quests will get you the marks you need but otherwise you're going to be looking for drops. It seems like the game takes into account your current light level when deciding what level to drop/decode, so as you get higher, higher gear will drop. This may also be true for the purple engrams from the cryptarch - it might be best to gear up a bit before buying anything. It is definitely true for faction packages.

The new gunsmith rank system that was launched in 2.0 are not exclusive to the Taken King, but you should definitely remember to rank this up - at Rank 2 you get a quest for a 280 weapon, well worth it.

It hurts, I know.

As ever, there are glitches, problems, or sometimes just bad are some things to avoid:

- Ranking up in the vanguard/crucible now sends the package to your faction leader. Unfortunately they only seem to hold one at a time, so make sure to pick them up as soon as you get them or you risk losing them if you rank up again.

All of the quests in the Taken King.

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