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1Destiny: Mission Bounties Empty Destiny: Mission Bounties on Mon 26 Jan 2015, 4:11 pm


MissionTargetLocation Rep 
Sword of CrotaBanukMiddle   2,500
Sword of CrotaMerokEnd   5,000
Chamber of NightTelthor    5,000
Shrine of OryxFrigorisMiddle   5,000
Shrine of OryxSardokEnd   5,000
The NexusSekrion    2,500
The ArchiveSimiks-3Middle   5,000
The ArchiveGreylicksEnd   5,000
Winter's RunAksor, Archon Priest    2,500
Eye of a Gate LordZydron    5,000
The Garden's SpirePrimus Shau'ull    5,000
Buried CityBracus Tha'aurn    5,000
Black GardenDivisive Mind    5,000

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