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Reddit Thread

The General Idea

VIP missions are mission which give you 25 rep (31 with nightfall bonus) upon completion even though they are the easiest patrol missions. They appear as a circle with a star in the middle of it. 25 rep for about 30 seconds is the equivalent to a single vanguard tiger strike, in about 10 less minutes. When going to orbit and re-going into a patrol on a planet, it randomizes all of the patrol missions. In this guide I am going to show you how to maximize this system in the most efficient way possible. One other icon you should be familiar with is the "kill everything" patrol mission which looks like a square with 4 outer triangles pointing at it.

What you will be doing

What you do in this system is quite simple really, instead of a long wall of text I will put a simple list of what to do below, and then following that list I will explain in more detail.

1. Load up Earth Patrol
2. Look for VIP patrol missions
3. If you can't find any in the first two zones, The Steppes or the Mothyards, go to orbit.
4. Repeat step 1.


This is how we make things as efficient as possible, in time you will do this your own way which is fine but how I do it is as follows.

1. Grab it and go to The Divide, complete it and look for another one.
2. If the Divide has one you stay in that same area so it's pretty much two for one.
3. After completing the Divide VIP missions, if there is a kill everything mission, grab it; if not, sparrow over to Rocketyard and grab any kill everything missions or VIP missions.  
4. When done, go back to orbit and repeat.

1. If starting area does not have a VIP or a Kill Everything mission then go to the left area (the Mothyards)
2. Pick up any VIP in that area.  Do NOT pick up a Kill Anything.  The enemies are generally too spaced out for Kill Anything.
3. VIP will take you to the building you pass going to the loot cave (Lunar Complex). From here go to the loot cave area (Skywatch).
4. If there is a VIP in here, it can either lead back into the Lunar Complex or into the Terrestrial Complex.
- If the Lunar Complex: finish it and go to orbit.
- If the Terrestrial Complex: finish it and walk a little farther to the forgotten shores and look for anymore VIP ONLY (No Kill Everything).
5. Then go to orbit and repeat.

Where you pick up the Mission - Where it ends up
The SteppesThe Divide
The DivideThe Divide
The DivideRocketyard (rare)
The MothyardsLunar Complex
SkywatchTerrestrial Complex
SkywatchLunar Complex

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