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1Destiny: VoG Relic and Atheon tips Empty Destiny: VoG Relic and Atheon tips on Mon 10 Nov 2014, 9:29 am


Reddit Thread: How to sneak up on adds while teleported

For the Relic Holder:

Most of you probably know this or don't need this but I've seen far too many people die with the relic in their hand simply due to a poor approach.

Here's the tricks:

1) When you teleport and pick up the relic, don't go down the main stairway. Go to the right (both on Mars and Venus) around the edge of the main stairs. This allows you to sneak up to the Ad's without getting shot.

2) Do not double jump. There is no need and this alerts the ads to your presence.

3) Non-relic bearers, do not discharge your weapon until the first oracle appears.

Do this right and you don't need help with even the Minotaur on Venus. Mars is a piece of cake and you can kill all 3 hobgobs with a single relic slam, if you're a 30 on Hardmode (some say you can 1 hit even at 29, others say it takes 2 slams)

Again, most of you either do this or have an alternate equally successful method, this is for the copious amount of people who simple pick up the relic double jump down the stairs and then wonder why they got 2 shotted by a hobgob.

EDIT: Some people were under the misconception that gaining more height = more impact from the slam. This is not true. Never double jump while doing the slam. Just a little hop and slam immediately.

EDIT 2: If surrounded by ads you don't have to turn around and directly point to hit the guy behind you. This may seem obvious to people used to blade-dancing in 3rd person, but you simply move the stick whichever direction the ad is and press the trigger, the auto/aim will take care of the rest.

Reddit: Don't Use Grenades or Supers on Atheon

During Times Vengence: When you start throwing grenades out, Atheon moves around to avoid blasts. When you start chucking Nova Bombs, he moves away. If you are not doing those things, he generally stays in one place, making lining up those all-important-nuts-in-his-chest-crit-shots so much easier to land.

I could unload and hit all 7ish of my IB shots and switch to VoC and hit almost all of them as crits. Before, I would get my clip of IB shots off and perhaps only half of them were crits.

The damage differences were ludicrous, and I know the team was benefitting greatly for them as well.

"Guys, no grenades please."

Keep him in one spot. Line those shots up. If he's not moving, you spend less time aiming and more time hurting. Plus, if you miss your grenade, you've done no damage anyway. If your grenade has a lasting AoE effect (affect? I can't remember. I should be doing my stats homework), Atheon walks out of it and your damage is negated anyway.

On that note, I also submit to you to not use (most) supers either. Here's why:

Nova Bomb: It takes a (relatively) long time to aim and shoot. If you miss, you do no damage. If you leave a vortex, Atheon walks out of it and your team has to realign.

Golden Gun: I love this super, but it doesn't crit. You're much better of just laying waste to the time-traveling-hooker with a not-so-sunblessed gun.

Arc Blade: You suicidal nuisance.

Fists of Havoc: You suicidal punching nuisance.

Radiance: Only if you're coming back to life! No grenades, remember? If you're doing the hide-in-the-bubble method, you don't need the damage reduction, and Time's Vengeance gives you all the cool-reduction you and your teammates might need for the grenades you won't be using.

Ward of Dawn: Please only use this if you're giving a spot to dip into to gain weapons of light or as a place to hide when your team must scatter when Time's Vengeance is over.

TL;DR: Grenades cause Atheon to move, forcing your team to spend more time aiming and less time critting him in the chesticles. If you miss with your grenade, you do little to no damage anyway.

Edit: I'm not saying do not use grenades at all during the entire Atheon encounter. There are so many uses for grenades against supplicants, minotaurs, hobgoblins, etc. But during those glorious 30 seconds of Times Vengeance, do not do anything to cause Atheon to move. Let him stand still and take it in the gut rather than spend 15 of your 30 seconds lining up shots and taking time to aim and throw grenades. That's all, guardians!

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