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1Destiny: VoG Cheese methods Empty Destiny: VoG Cheese methods on Mon 13 Oct 2014, 8:56 am


Reddit Thread

The majority of these aren't needed for normal mode, you can use them in normal... but the time you set things up, you could have just simply done it (mainly talking about first 2 phases of templar and 2nd phase of gatekeeper)... I've done both normal and hard 100% legit without cheese, so it IS doable and really isn't all that hard, just annoying to keep coordinated; but these are all the cheese strats I know of, feel free to post if you have anymore

warning, a lot of text coming up, lol

Unlocking the Door
I don't really know of any cheese strats for this part, but I do know some tips that will help

  • 2 people on the left fight the bottom spawn
  • 2 people on the right fight the bottom spawn
  • Your 2 people in the "middle" aren't really in the middle, you have them just stand in front of the front left and front right spawn, only calling out to each other if one is running to the middle... usually patorians alternate from side to side

There's 3 stages of cheese on this boss...

Phase 1 - Defend the conflux

  • Everybody stay at the top, have ONE person jump down to activate the fight then make his way back to the top (you can do this by jumping to the left pillar, from there to the a part of the large pillar, then back to the spawn)
  • Snipe the enemies to stop them from getting to the middle conflux until you see "templar is summoning his legions"
  • At this point, just sit up there and wait until the left/right conflux are up
  • Once the conflux are up, you have to play legit, go down and stop shit from getting to the conflux
  • Once he again "summons his legions" jump up to one of the outside pillars and just wait until conflux are up again
  • Rinse and repeat until oracle phase

Phase 2 - Oracles

  • Have everybody go back to the spawn behind you...
  • You keep 2 on the far left rock
  • 2 at the far right corner ledge,
  • And 2 on top of the small pillar
  • From there you have access to all the oracles and hobgoblins won't bother you (only the ones on the small rock might have some problems with them, just hide behind the rock if you need to)... just snipe them all down for about 4 mins until the phase is over

Phase 3 - Templar

  • Same as phase 1/2... stay at spawn
  • Have somebody jump down to get the relic then make his way back up to the spawn
  • Simply wait for the super and use when available, and cleanse AS he's doing ritual of negotiation (NOTE: he can't do his ritual while his shield is down, so cleansing isn't much of priority until his shield is back up)
  • DETAIN SHIELD TIP: if everybody completely bunched up together, the shield bearer should stand a bit of a distance away so when it the detain comes up, he can just JUMP+SMASH to break the shield in one hit (he has to be at the edge of the bubble) as long as he's not the one being detained

This one's tricky but here is some cheese to make it easier which lets you pretty much skip the entire first phase of this fight

Phase 1 - Templar #1 and Hobgoblins

  • Have EVERYBODY stand and wait in the hall until everybody's Ice Breaker is at 6 ammo... then just simply shoot at the gatekeeper in the center. If everybody does it correctly, he should die before he shoots or teleports to another location
  • Quickly RUN to the left key and sit on it, don't worry about hobgoblins, they all disappear as soon as the left gate is open

Alright... now basically what you're going to want to do is to grab both shields at the same exact time so that you don't have to worry about the middle conflux and 2 spawns of patorians...

  • You want 2 people to go into the left portal and just focus on the gatekeeper until he's 1-2 shots from dead then leave the portal
  • TIP: you can actually have all 6 of you go in, have 4 of you take 1-2 shots at the gatekeeper then go back to defending the key... this just makes it so you take his health down quicker and not have to defend for so long
  • When the 2 come out of the portal with the guardian near death... ALL OF YOU, go to the right key, let the vex take over the left key, you WANT that to happen
  • WHY?: because when the left key is taken, ALL PATORIANS WILL STOP SPAWNING... there, you're welcome, all you have to worry about are regular goblins, the 1 patorian left at the right who probably took the left key, and the oracles that spawn on top of the gates (NOTE: sometimes they glitch and don't make a sound, so you have to keep an eye on them)
  • Have the 2 go in the right portal (TIP: go from behind the portal so that you appear behind the portal on the other side, using it as a shield, and easy access/snipes on the gatekeeper) and bring him down to next to no health

Here is where you have 1 of two options, I don't know which one works better.  You can either

  • Have one of the 2 in the right gate go to the left gate and have both of you kill the gate keeper at the same time so that you both get the shield at the same time as middle conflux appears, or
  • Have 1 person leave the portal before killing the gatekeeper (so that he's not blinded) and have the guy left there pick up the shield and help clear the left portal so that the other guy can go in the left gate to pick up the shield while the right guy defends the middle conflux
    NOTE: the left key will stay red until ALL VEX FROM THE LEFT SIDE ARE DEAD, regardless if they're on the key or not

  • Once you have both shields... defend middle until your shiny rewards come

No point in beating a dead horse... throw grenades, and win

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