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1Destiny: Iron Banner Empty Destiny: Iron Banner on Tue 07 Oct 2014, 4:37 pm


I know PvP sucks, but here is some info:

The rewards are actually quite easy to achieve. Reaching rank one only takes 120 reputation, and can reached with one good win. Here’s how to get those sweet, sweet rewards, and what’s really worth your time and effort. Legendary gear starts at 10 marks, instead of the usual 65.

(Note: The buff from Nightmare Strike weekly completion will NOT increase reputation gain with the Iron Banner)

(Note: None of the Gear obtained from the Iron Banner will propel you past level 29 and is lower level than raid gear)

1. Your first stop should be the Bounty Board, where new orders await.

Pick up a few of these and head back into orbit. After a few (or one) matches you should have hit rank one and can now begin the long loading process of returning to The Tower.

2. Now, you want to buy both the shader AND emblem from the quartermaster located in the same area we saw the Queen’s Emissary vendor. (5k Glimmer for both.)

Equipping both will increase your Iron Banner rep earnings by 20%. An Iron Banner Crucible win with both the shader and emblem equipped will net you 30 rep (up from 25 without), you can also wear a faction class item and earn rep for that faction at the same time. This means that until you’ve reached rank 2, you’ll want to slap on that Dead Orbit or New Monarchy class item.

3. When you reach rank 2, equipping the Iron Banner class item will boost your rep gains by another 10%. This is what we’re looking for, maximum progression speed. Since this event will only last for one week, it feels much more dependent on time constraints.

So you’ve begun the climb to rank 3 with a 30% bonus, completion of at least 3-4 daily bounties, and some wins. This should be absolutely possible.

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