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1Destiny: Bounty Guide Tips & Tricks Empty Destiny: Bounty Guide Tips & Tricks on Tue 30 Sep 2014, 10:05 am


Overcharge - Kill two enemies with one shot using a fusion rifle, 20 times.

2 possibilities:
1. Go to "We've woken the Hive" doors in The Dark Beyond on the Moon. You can rack up 50% of the bounty on each wave. 60 seconds in and out.

2. Go to The Dark Within on Old Russia, Earth. Once you reach the factory area, you will be charged by 3-4 sets of thralls. Don't kill the acolytes outside the door, the thralls will keep coming in groups of 4.

Face Yours Fears - Kill 3 devil walkers

To accomplish this, you must land the killing blow to the devil walker. To easily do this, navigate your way to the Rocketyard, Old Russia during Patrol Cosmosdrone. Play your way through the factory area just like in The Devil's Lair until you reach where the Devil Walker spawns in. One will be waiting so kill it. Once it dies, go back to orbit and repeat twice more.

• After you blow off one of the legs (especially when it is low on health) and it is down and exposed...use a sniper rifle to finish it off. Good sniper should hit for 1200+ damage per shot.

* Perhaps you do not need to land the killing blow on walkers? Just be close enough when the walker died.

{No Parley}/Fallen Leaders - {Kill 10 Fallen Ultras} or Majors.

Several options:

1. This can be accomplished easily by navigating to the Divide on Old Russia, Earth. A ship will bring in a new Fallen ultra every 30-60 seconds.

2. Play the mission where you go onboard the kell to kill Draksis. There are more than 10 majors on this mission so if you speedrun it - you should get your kills.

3. Go to Venus Patrol, Ishtar Cliffs: Right when you get in, there's about a 150m square area with 4-5 spawn points of Fallen. If you see them fighting Vex, that's as far as you want to go. You can do a few rounds. There's a Captain, Reaver Vandals, Reaver Dregs, Reaver Shanks who will have respawned by the time you get back to them. All of them count for Majors, and all but the Cap give you 20 of the tears or seeds or whatever the kill XP was called.

If you don't know how to get there, go down-right from where you spawn on patrol, past the first set of Fallen, towards the next (not the ones on the cliff), straight past them, until you get to that room with the Servitor, turn left on the road before that room, and just follow the path, half a min later you're at the Cliffs. Takes maybe 3 min to get there, 5 min to complete bounty.

• Go to Earth Patrol Cosmodrome, and scoot to the Forgotten Shore. Follow the right wall to the back of this area, near the big broken ship, and you'll find a cave which spawns a Reaver Vandal and a Shank. Kill him, drive a short distance away, and he should pop out again.

Exalted Hive - Kill 10 Hive Majors/Ultras:

1. Go to Patrol Cosmodrome and go straight to the little shack on your left where the closest beacon spawns. Down the stairs in the tunnel is a room with 3 majors. After you kill them go up the stairs and come back down and they will respawn.

Extermination Protocol - Defeat 200 Fallen with headshots

Several options:

1. Go to Patrol Cosmodrome on Old Russia, Earth and simply run the circuit of nearby enemies where you spawn. 4 by the down plane, 6-7 by the building in the middle, and 6-7 by the shipping containers on the right.

2. Go to Patrol Venus, going left upon spawning, and farming headshots before going inside the Ember Caves.

When you first arrive, there is a small group of 3 Vandalls.

Continuing straight, there are 3 Gregs and a Vandall (at this point there should be Fallen above you on the platform shooting down at you).

Head right towards the streams and boulders for 2 Gregs, 3 Vandalls, and 2 Skanks.

Keep walking up the hill towards the platform (under a little bridge) for another 3 Gregs and 2 Vandalls.

Lastly, upon entering the Ember Caves (this was a good loot spawn before the patch) there is a yellow-bar Captain, 3 Vandalls, and a Skank.

Head back to the first 3 Vandalls in the middle of the 'park' and restart.

The order posted allows the spawns to cycle at a continuous rate. Levels are low-ish, and there are a ton of Spirit Bloom and chest spawns. The SB stick out like a sore thumb.

It's All In the Head - Kill 100 enemies with precision damage.

Refer to the "Extermination Protocol" bounty for loads of strategies.

Collecting stuff bounties:
For Olympus tears, ether, impact shards, or anything like that, any heroic mode strike will net a ton of yellow enemies who reward 20-25 of the item each, allowing you to speedrun any mission and complete the bounty.

Relic Harvest - Mars - Collect 200 Olympic Tears on Mars.

Tears can be collected by killing any enemy on Mars. Regular enemies give you one tear, each major or ultra gives you 20 tears.

1. Dust Palace Strike on Mars.

2. First mission on Mars, 'The Exclusion Zone', set to any level of heroic. You can get it done in less than ten minutes with all the major Cabal that spawn. The second wave of enemies you fight is basicly 5-6 or whatever yellow mobs, who drop 25 tears each.

Relic Harvest - Cosmodrome - Collect 200 ether seeds from enemies on Earth.

1. Go to story mission 2 Restoration. Kill Riksis (worth 50 sensor mites) back to orbit without killing lesser mobs. Re-enter at Riksis fight, repeat killing Riksis 4 times. Mission complete elapse time 1:15 (if initial setup is require 2:30)

Repeat 5 times for No Parley bounty killing Riksis and Major Vandel (elapse time 4:15) > (requires setting on level 8 or higher Heroic)

Body Dropper - Kill 100 enemies without dying

Simply kill 100 enemies without dying. It's easy if you load up Patrol Cosmodrome on Old Russia, Earth and simply run the circuit of nearby enemies.

Target: Divisive Mind - Defeat the Divisive Mind in "The Black Garden" mission on Mars with the Heroic modifier active.

Load up "The Black Garden" on Mars and set it to any difficulty marked hard. Go through the level until you come upon the Hydra ultra that is called "Divisive Mind" and kill it. Once you do, you can go back to orbit.

Patrol Cosmodrome/Moon/Venus/Mars - Complete 6 Patrol missions in the [above area]

Simply load up Patrol mission for whatever planet you're doing. Keep going through the little beacons and completely the missions until the bounty completes.

Tip: Remember the different values for patrols:
1. VIP - Star emblem - 25 rep
2. Kill All - Exploding Ghost - 10 rep
3. Gathering/Resources - Triangle/Pyramid - 10 rep
4. Scan - Ghost emblem - 10 rep
5. Scout - Compass - 10 rep

Predator and Prey - Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them

Easily done on Earth. Just load up Patrol Cosmodrome and use a ranged weapon to take out anyone you see.

1. Scourge of Winter story mission where you defeat Draksis has 9 Fallen Majors. On the way there will be a captain at the entrance to the cave making 10. Or you could run circles around Ember Caves, that captain respawns with surprising frequency.

Both of those methods should net you 200 Ether from Fallen, 200 Venus items and the headshots, 100 no die, and lots of exp towards 9000exp no die, along with 10 Fallen Majors. Similarly The Worlds Grave level on the Moon works in a similar fashion but for Hive.

2. Completing the weekly nightfall strike will give you a week long buff that increases exp and rep gains by 20%.

3. When you do a story mission for a bounty where you have to kill a certain enemy, do not finish the mission and go back to the orbit. The next time you do it you will spawn at the last checkpoint, so you can kill it faster next time.

4. For Fallen Walkers, if you are standing close to the person who deals the killing blow you will get credit. It is based of the whole proximity to team mates thing, not the mob.

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