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Old Russia (Earth)
The Steppes
   Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
   Start Times: ~~X:15-X:25 & X:45-X:55~~ (?) X:55-X:05 & X:25-X:35

   Event: Defend the Warsat or kill boss
   Start Times: X:00 & X:30

The Divide
   Event: Defeat Devil Walker
   Start Times: X:10-X:15 & X:40-X:45

   Event: Kill Hallowed Knight
   Start Times: X:30

Forgotten Shore
   Event: Kill Fallen Captain
   Start Times: ?

   Event: Defend Warsat OR Fallen & Hive war
   Start Times: X:55-X:05 & X:25-X:35

Ocean of Storms (Moon)
   Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
   Start Times: X:35-X:45 (?)

Anchor of Light
   Event: Defend the Warsat
   Start Times: X:00-X:05

   Event: Defeat Fallen Walker
   Start Time: X:25(?) & X:45(?)

Meridian Bay (Mars)
The Hollows
   Event: Kill Cabal Engineer
   Start Times: X:05-X:10(?) & X:50-X:55

Buried City
   Event: Kill Vex Minotaur or Cabal Engineer
   Start Times: X:50-X:55 (X:23?)

Ishtar Sink (Venus)
Ishtar Cliffs
    Event: Prevent Vex Sacrifices
    Start Times: X:05-X:10 & X:35-X:40

    Event: Kill Hydra
    Start Times: X:45

Map of Earth loop:
Destiny: Public Event Schedule Earth_10

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